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  1. CrowRiverRat83

    Crow Hassan archery hunt

    Hunted it twice in the last 4 years. Got a nice doe the first time. Lots of nice bucks in there also. Kind of a nice change of pace with the thin buck numbers in greater Minnesota. Tell them to get out there early to claim a spot, like 2hrs before daylight. Shouldn't have a problem then. Like stated, sitting all day would be a good idea.
  2. CrowRiverRat83

    Lake Maria State Park

    Thanks guys.
  3. CrowRiverRat83

    Lake Maria State Park

    I've looked at all the info on the DNR site, I was just wondering if anyone could give me a first hand review. I cant find any pics of the sites, even on the reservations webpage.
  4. CrowRiverRat83

    Lake Maria State Park

    Thinking of trying a backpack site at the park sometime after Labor Day. Anybody been here before? How are the sites, and how close are you to other sites? Any other info would be great. Thanks
  5. CrowRiverRat83

    question for all you veteran archers

    By all means, if you are comfortable with the peep, stick with it. That's all I've ever used.
  6. CrowRiverRat83

    North shore campground

    I have stayed at Burlington Bay. Nice place with showers and very close to the lake. Just not any privacy. Sites one on top of another.
  7. CrowRiverRat83

    Wild boar hunting recommendations.

    Good to know, thanks.
  8. CrowRiverRat83

    Wild boar hunting recommendations.

    I'm in the same boat. Myself and a buddy of mine want to hunt some hogs. Being MN boys, really don't know where to start. Would like to hunt on our own as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  9. CrowRiverRat83

    Who hunts the late season?

    Awesome! That's a nice doe anytime of year, let alone late season.
  10. CrowRiverRat83


    Field behind my house in Wright County is still standing.
  11. CrowRiverRat83

    Wind your own line?

    Do it myself for sure.
  12. CrowRiverRat83


    Received my letter to hunt Crow Hassen a couple weeks ago as well. Hunted it in 2011 and took a nice doe. Seen a lot of deer. Only a couple hunters in the area I was in.
  13. CrowRiverRat83

    Grouse anyone

    Anyone been hunting the Mille Lacs WMA? It's been very slow for me.
  14. CrowRiverRat83

    Trailer lights on 2008 Ford Ranger

    A simple blown fuse is what it was. All lights work now.
  15. CrowRiverRat83

    Trailer lights on 2008 Ford Ranger

    Thanks guys.