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  1. younggun

    Jiffy Pro4 lite

    I haven't used the lite but the pro4 is great. My buddy has one and I would buy one if I didn't already have a gas jiffy. I don't think I'd like to give up any power by going with the lite but that's just me and I usually only punch 20 holes a day max.
  2. Cool. Just curious on over all trends on a regional level. I think it will be interesting hearing the wide range of depth people fish this time of year.
  3. Just curious on where everyone is setup for walleyes now regardless of lake, water clarity etc. And if you fish said depth day, sundown, over night etc. Interested in where people have their perms. Me. 24 ft. Sundown and overnight bite.
  4. In my experience, this is due to some point of friction be it ice or otherwise. Similar to running a ribbon over a scissor. I'd carefully check your setup.
  5. I think it depends on what species of fish you are after. I fish walleyes mostly. I mainly (95%) use my camera for determining bottom content and structure, then it comes right back up and I use the flasher. IMO, I don't want the risk of a big fish tangling up in the camera cable or getting spooked by the camera. Bottom line, I use my camera for minutes a day and the flasher all day. With that said, I love and will always have a camera. I think I'd fish with the camera more often if I fished pannie's more. I just feel it doesn't spook them as much as walleyes. I try to be as stealthy of a walleye fisherman as possible and a freaky looking alien spaceship sitting next to my spoon isn't stealthy IMO.
  6. Sirlips, I guess it all depends on how you fish. I personally use my scout all the time outside of the house. I'll get to the structure and drill twenty holes, then walk around with the fish scout and find the best bottom (rocks, sand etc.). Then I'll set up my perm or portable and start fishing with my flasher. I rarely use the camera when I'm fishing. I'm just imagining myself out there with my iPad trying to move from hole to hole trying to find where I want to set up. Wet hands from bringing the camera up and down several times. Touching the touch screen with wet hands and it not responding. I'd be cussing a lot. Haha. I understand you could use your phone for hole hoping and your tablet for in the shack but I'd be nervous about dropping it into one of the holes. I use my phone for navionics but as soon as I get to my spot, the phone goes into my pocket before the auger gets fired up. Would be cool for watching the tip up but then I'd be worried about it getting stuck in the ice. Can't wait to hear real life reviews from the lake!
  7. Sirlips, I think I'm missing something. Is the camera way better then the camera on my fish scout? If I was going to use video out of my scout to the same tablet/tv you have, I'm not understanding how the picture is going to be like an 80s black and white tv. The scout has a color camera. I'm confused and super curious as I buy way too much fishing gear and it sounds cool. If I already have a new vex fish scout and I already have a tablet, why would I need this? Can I not run video out to a tablet/tv from my scout? Plus the whole durability factor if you were actually using it outside in the elements. Just sounds like a mess. I know my iPhone will shut down when I'm using the Navionics App if it's too cold out. For me it seems redundant. If I can bounce around outside from hole to hole and then go into my perm and plug the fish scout into the tv in the house, why would I want this? I mostly use a camera for picking my spots then dragging the permanent to said spot. It's just way too important to me up have gear that can stand up to the cold. Bluetooth is cool but I don't mind having a cord from camera to screen especially if there is lag involved. Btw, I love and have a few vexilar products. I just think I may have finally found a gadget I don't need to buy, haha!
  8. I would guess people would stil buy traditional ice fishing camera's because they are using them to ice fish. You can't exactly put a tablet on the ice next to a hole etc. Much less, I can't imagine cheap tablet functioning well in the cold. IMO, this is for guys who fish in nice perms. But then why not just hookup your current camera to a tv or tablet.
  9. Agreed. I have one and its the best gadget I purchased in 2013. You will never go back to the cheapies.
  10. To add to what someone mentioned about awd vs 4x4 vs auto 4x4 etc., often what they call the "system" is simply a marketing ploy and you really have to read the specs. Sometimes even the specs in sales materials can be convoluted. I know of the same manufacturer calling it a AWD in a mini van and the exact same "system" called 4x4 in a SUV. With that said I have a 2011 crew cab short box f150 that does well on the lakes. In college I had a 2000 jeep Cherokee sport that was awesome on the lakes.
  11. I have a newer model 30. One problem was that exhaust wasn't attached properly. They eventually just sent me a new power head. No problems. Great at reopening holes. Never gives me any problems. Overall other then a manufacturer defect, I love it. I use it often and hasn't let me down.
  12. This is what I use and it works well.
  13. Go to fleet farm and get the mounting bracket that fits over the bench (no screws). Then pick out a chair to mount to the adjustble bracket and your good. Depending on the seat you pick, you could be less then 60 bucks for the whole deal and it will swivel and you can take it off. I have three of them in my 14 ft alumnacraft. I'm heading to the lake after work and can take pics if you want.
  14. 39 degrees. Just north of Mille lacs.
  15. Yea I'm planning on fishing reefs near spawning spots. Starting shallow and moving deeper until I find them. Big minnows on jigs and then casting or trolling cranks after dark depending on how deep they are. Should be interesting.
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