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  1. Thanks for the picture I like the idea of having the cable on a reel and I am getting the remote
  2. Sorry I wasn't very descriptive I've got the marcum recon and I'd like mount it to my marcum lx7
  3. Just wondering if anyone has done this and if so I'd love to see pictures I'm going to make this my spring project
  4. Thinking about heading up for the weekend and I was thinking about bringing a 16 ft wheelhouse I called arrowhead in Cumberland and they said there was 20 inches on every lake in the area but I know that doesn't isn't always the case so I was wondering if anyone has been on the lake and how much ice there is approximately or if I should just bring the portable
  5. I just got a new 16 foot ice castle so I've only pulled it around a couple times but after driving around in today's wind with my half ton and having just that get pushed around I was just curious what everyone's limt is when it comes to pulling one with high winds especially on freeways
  6. jdog


    got out today first time ever actually going just for musky had 2 40 plus follows no hookups but thoses follows have me wanted to go more i think im hooked
  7. jdog

    planer board lines

    thanks for tips guys i should of known mono was the best answer i always try to use the new fancy line but mono seems to be the goto line
  8. jdog

    planer board lines

    im using an offshore but i was using the red clip in front and the orange one in back maybe ill have to switch them around also i was gonna try #10 power pro is that too small of a diameter
  9. just a questions to all you guys that troll planer boards for walleyes what is the best line to use so it dont slide down the clips on the board or is there a trick to this ive tried pulling boards a few times with little results and i think this could be a valuable technique if i could learn a little better and tips are appreciated thanks
  10. i just got my floor done at custom rigging in houlton wisc so far im happy with the turn out
  11. as posted earlier go to the store i did that and as i left a half hour later they basically gave me a new unit marcum does have the best customer service as im actually dealing with clam on another issue and my brother is dealing with hummingbird on another ive seen it at all angles
  12. stikemaster is known for that i got lucky mine only hangs out 3 inchs go to youtube good info on how to clean it
  13. its in great shape i bought it used but ive actually never used it so id like to get the $300 i put into it if interested u can call 651-338-0452
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