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  1. i say open water is going to be late this year middle to end of april over 40 inches of ice and it was still making ice this weekend -6
  2. the later it gets fish are going to start going shallow. a buddy of mine picked up a lot of nice perch fishing shallow for eyes. he had to go really shallow to catch eyes.
  3. riverview

    live bait

    getting minnows has been a problem for the last 5 weeks. slews froze to the bottom in a lot of places and minnow trappers couldn't get traps in. hit and miss which bait shops have them
  4. riverview

    alumalite fishouse

    after fishing for too many years in a otter I bought a 6x10 v front and my buddy got the 6x12v door in the side and 2 windows. very nice house we did put the umhw plastic on the skis. my ski doo skandic wt pulled it with ease through deep snow. one thing I have noticed that you have to be careful on drifts or ditches with the full length ridged skis you can drop the front end very hard off drifts or hills I have watched mine come down over 4 feet hand hit hard with no damage. right now I am pulling mine with my Suzuki samurai. don't even notice it is there. early this year we had deep drifted hard snow and with ice I was getting stuck (with or without the house) I have a 8 foot rope attached to the back when I got stuck I unhooked from the front and hook onto the back and pull it that way until I got stuck again then I hook onto the front. I cant believe how well the house floats up. I am impressed with the ceiling height. I did install a 1x4 cedar boards 3 feet up and 2 on the ceiling. My 2 lights were just screwed into the foam now they are attached to the 1x4. I put a vented gas heater I go through a 20 pounder about every 4 days (mostly below zero temps)
  5. it is going to make it a pain, I am sick and tired of below zero temps -29 this morning. the bite has been pretty steady all winter. there seems to be a lack of fresh water shrimp
  6. I have been going shallow for eyes early and late 14 to 18 feet over structure, perch anywhere from 28 to 40 I drill till I find a couple feet of fish on my vex then get them to bite if they leave sometimes a move of 20 feet can get you back on top of them.
  7. riverview

    Fish House Regs

    pretty sure it is unoccupied house have to be removed each night.
  8. the snow is set up pretty good pickups are driving pretty much anywhere just have to watch the drifts. fish are still hitting pretty good.
  9. riverview

    Pulling a skid house

    I attached it with self tapping screws and pop rivets on the outside where you could see or step on them. I counter sunk all of them.
  10. riverview

    Pulling a skid house

    I bought my alumalite house from striffs in warroad. they ordered the umhw from solderblooms (spelling?) the maker of the house. it made a huge difference. mine is 6x10 with a v front.
  11. riverview

    12 volt ceiling fan

    I have one in my skid house it works great and is easy on the battery. moves a lot of air a rheostat would be nice though
  12. riverview

    Pulling a skid house

    I put 1x4 ceder on the walls 32 inches off the floor to attach shelve and rod holders too and 1x4 above the windows to hang stuff from. installed a 12 volt ceiling fan it is a huge improvement over my otter.
  13. riverview

    Pulling a skid house

    I have a 6x10 v front aluma lite I put the plastic on the skis it pulls super easy. last weekend I had it behind my samurai and got stuck. I unhooked it and pushed it back by hand 10 feet then backed out rehooked to get a run at the drift. I am very impressed with the house.
  14. i was out this weekend fishing was hit and miss. woodlands has plowed roads all the way to doc hagens, snow is getting deep and hard if the weather ever stabalizes the fishing should be great.
  15. riverview

    Macum Lx7

    I am just glad i didnt buy one again this year i thought they would of had all the problems fixed by the second year of production. the fl18 is still doing what it was advertised to do.