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  1. Thanks guys, looks like i will have to move up a modle or 2 for the PS and 550, Thanks again
  2. Thinking of buying a leftover cat. It would either be a 500 or 550xt. in looking at specs the 500cc is 443 and the 550 is 445cc. isnt that more like compairing a 450 and 550. any thoughts or explanations on this. Also any thoughts on this brand and size. Is the power steering modles worth the extra money. Do not know a lot about them. First time buying a 4x4 so any help, thoughts, tips, ideas would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the help It worked, i put block of wood on jack and just tweeked door up twice and it was golden. Thanks again guys
  4. I don't believe its ever been in an accident. It was one year old when bought. But who knows maybe the father inlaw did something and didn't say anything. (He was good at bumping into things) I will give both ideas a try, Thanks much
  5. 06 ford freestyle, drivers sider door seams to sage down slightly. When you close it, it hits low on the latch and bumps the door up a little. The hinges are solid with no play in them. Is there any adjustments on these doors that I can make to lift it a bit. Is there a different solution. Thanks
  6. Hoey, we did our garage floor with 2 part epoxy, grey with black and white chips. It is tuff and durable. Put it down 6 years ago and till no chips through to the concrete and my son and I have dropped some heavy stuff on it. We also put on the clear finish with the sand grit, in the beginning it looked great but buy the 2nd year the clear started yellowing and that comes from the sun. There is a strip that I didn't clear and that is still grey so I know its the clear that caused it. also last year the clear started pealing a little. You would not be disappointed with just the epoxy paint. If you do it yourself have a game plan ahead of time. I acid washed first and let dry for a couple days. You will need help no doubt. One to roll paint, one to mix the next bucket one to be throwing color chips if desired, and maybe one more just for chasing for things that you will need. Once mixed you have to keep moving or it will start setting up on you. Hope this helps. Any other info needed let me know.
  7. The wife got a pair for christmas. she has not used them yet, but i tested them to see how long the batteries would last. On high they last about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours, on high they are on continues. On medium they lasted 4 1/2 hours. On medium they turn off and on avery oh say 30 second to a minute. Both with a temp from 100 to 110. now thats not the whole insole that was just a small spot in the center just behind the toes. When she puts them to the outside test I will post back.
  8. Thanks old D, yes that is what i will do, probably a couple different ones.
  9. Ive reloaded a lot shotshells before but never handgun rounds.I will be loading 38/357-9mm-40sw-45acp-45colt-454 casull, First ? is how do you determine what length to make them. The reload data i read shows an Max OAL and Minumum OAL.How do you decide when every type and weight of bullet is going to differ. 2nd ? is can I reload 454casull with the 45 colt dies (i am useing Lee dies) I talked with a reloader and he said sure, i talked with Hornady and they said you should be able to and Lee company said no you can not they differ slightly. I am using 700x powder is there a better or cleaner powder I could use. And any other tips and advice would be welcome. I do have a New Hornady data book and a older data book but dont recall name. Is there a data book that would suit my very needs. Sorry for being long winded but i wanting guidance so I dont make a mistake. Thank You Very Much, MM
  10. forage minnow or sweedish pimple in hammerd copper, for jigs im not sure of name but horizontal orange and green with small red plastic tail.
  11. Never owned one. Anyone have ideas, or make there own case tumbler. How do they work do they actually tumble or vibrate. Would i be just as well off to buy from the store. if so wich is a good one.
  12. What happened with the handgun powders, can't find any.
  13. Has anyone done a comparison test or crunched numbers if you will with pellet stoves vs natural gas. Is there any saveings with either one. Thanks
  14. This is what I tried last year instead of a gallon gas can. I would fill auger and then fill a used 1qt oil bottle (little short of full for expansion) and take that with. Just have to make sure cap is tight. It never leaked yet. Just an Idea. Any thoughts or concerns welcome.
  15. Thanks for the help guys, my son and I attempted the repairs the other day. It took about five or so hours but we got it done and it works. We had to remove the power head but not the lower unit. The bushings were for sure in need of repair. We did learn a lot by doing it. Thanks again, GTG
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