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  1. Please try to educate anyone who is under the assumption that you must throw rough fish of any kind on the shore to rot. It is illegal and disgusting.
  2. I travel to LaCrosse a few times every month and wondered if there is any good catfish (Channels or Flatties) in this river? I will be shore angling, so if anyone could direct me to some locations it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Try Silver Lake for some hot winter carping action. Fish right by the warm water discharge at the park and use a ball of bread on your hook. These Carp have a taste for bread and follow the geese around because people feed bread to the geese...
  4. If you would be so kind. I was wondering what kind of rig/bait you guy's use to ice channel cats? I know my local lake has a nice population, but I have just started ice fishing this year and have no idea how to target ice cats. I have heard that they hold deep in big schools and do not feed. Is this true? Just for the record, anything I catch will all be going back in the lake....
  5. I posted her before, but I had to put in my snow dog again. Her eyes are hypnotic.
  6. I just saw this fish in the most recent Outdoor News. Awesome catch!! Congrats to you for releasing the fish. My hat is off and many thanks to you. Your smile is priceless


    I absolutely love fishing in the spring. I am by no means an expert, but I have had some lucky days on the Zumbro down here in the very early spring where I and a friend have caught 30 to 40 of the different sucker species (up to 6 pounds or more) in a few hours with a crawler on the bottom. Some may say it is a "trash" fish, and what is the point. I for one never tire of sitting on the river bank before the grass is even green catching that many fish.
  8. I have seen some absolute MONSTERS in Milacs. These carp had to be pushing 40. I saw them between wigwam bay and St Albans bay on the West side of the lake South of Garrison. There are a couple creeks that empty into the lake and we saw big pods of carp just hanging in the current as it dumps into the lake. They are VERY spooky. I actually caught the biggest Smallie of my life in the same location from shore. By the way, welcome aboard and please share some carp tactics if you have success this ice season...
  9. That date woks for me too. 20 bucks a night huh?! Nice deal and an open bar to boot I have not heard from my fishing partner Dan yet, so depending on him I will not make any arrangements or ask for a seat in someone's boat yet. Hopefully he will be able to go as well...
  10. I have had dreams about catching big Sturgeon ever since I saw my first picture of one. I do not have a boat though. I might be able to talk my friend and FM pro-staffer Dan Thiem into bringing his boat up tough. April 16 looks good to me for a few days. Is the water ice free up there that time of year? Also, is there a place to camp close by this area? We would not be crossing into Canada right? We have already talked about what trips we want to try and take next year and this is my second choice right behind the MONSTER channel cats in the Red....
  11. That "mannyslap" clip is too funny. Awesome clip guy's!!
  12. I don't know why people would want to waste like that. I am told that eelpout taste like lobster..... Put them back in the lake if you are not going to eat 'em.
  13. I would suggest rivers over lakes. Try to find a warm water discharge or some nice sun warmed shallows. I was casting for Musky today down here on the Zumbro River and foul hooked a nice 6 pound Carp in the back with a BIG musky lure. That was quite a battle....
  14. "aquarium pets" hehe. Nice one. Those are some sweet cats. I wish the Zumbro produced monsters like that...
  15. Awesome cats there hanson. I know what you mean about that slippery mud. We experienced the same down here on the Zumbro last night
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