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  1. Lip RIPPER!

    Favorite pic

    This came off my trail camera in our first winter storm in Minnesota a few weeks back and I had to share it.
  2. Lip RIPPER!

    Antler Ideas

    Probably close to 200 racks would be my guess. Thanks for sharing the ideas and keep them coming.
  3. Lip RIPPER!

    Antler Ideas

  4. Lip RIPPER!

    Antler Ideas

    Here is the pic I ran across. /Users/user/Desktop/3210736205_e1c7da3c30.jpg
  5. Lip RIPPER!

    Antler Ideas

    I am looking for some ideas of what to do with old sheds and racks as far as decorating at our shack. We have lots and lots laying around from the last 50 years. Looking for some outside ideas. I saw a pic where someone had mounted all his horns from the ceiling in his garage and it looked pretty cool. Not interested in making lamps, etc.. If you have any ideas or pics, I would like to see them. Thanks, Todd
  6. Lip RIPPER!

    Smoking Fish

    Here is what I use on walleyes 6 cups of water 2/3 cup of pickling salt 1/3 cup of brown sugar. soak for 2 hrs and then hit the smoker for 3hrs at about 200 degrees. If you like it sweeter, you can sprinkle brown sugar on them after then have been in the smoker for a bit. Simple recipe and it works for me.
  7. Lip RIPPER!

    Any fishing reports?

    The guys that won the tourney there last weekend would probably say the bite was pretty good. We struggled 3 days in pre-fishing and didn't get a lot of numbers during the tourney.
  8. July 27th and 28th. $450 per team. $7000 first place prize based on a full field of 50 boats. $500 for the highest placing team in a Lund. $200 a day Lund big fish pot. For more information call Kevin Olmstead at 218-634-9457 or 701-730-1706. Hosted by WigWam Resort on Lake of Woods.
  9. Jamie, are you doing any MTT stuff this year? Todd
  10. Lip RIPPER!

    Pros and Cons of 8 inch auger vs 10 inch

    I couldn't decide what to buy when I bought mine so I bought the 9 inch. I like it!
  11. Lip RIPPER!

    Johnson must go

    Maybe the (Contact Us Please) Viking fan in the stands who threw the beer or pop at the receiver who scored the second Patriot touchdown should try out. He looked like he had a great arm. Tom Brady had every right to be [PoorWordUsage]ed at that loser when he yelled back into the stands. It's bad enough the team is struggling but then we have so-called Viking fans act like that. I thought it was ridiculous and was embarrassed to be called a Vikes fan after that.
  12. Lip RIPPER!

    MTT Championship

    I haven't checked yet but go to They should be up by now.
  13. Lip RIPPER!

    MTT Championship

    Congrats to Roger and Eric Beuning for their impressive win in some nasty conditions and for Craig Dornfield and Bryan Dunaiski for earning team of the year honors with a solid 4th place finish on LOW.
  14. How many FM'ers are fishing the MTT state championship on Sept 21,22 on LOW? White-tips and I will be there.