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  1. Three Trucks in my driveway is too many….Any reasonable offer! I would like to get rid of this truck!
  2. bgfish00, there is rust above the wheel wells on both sides. it's not a show truck, it's a work horse...i.e. weekend trips to the compost site and fishing trips in the winter.
  3. Hogeye, 128k miles. original suspension, balljoints and tranny. I bought this truck in 2003 for ice fishing, added an extra leaf spring to handle pulling my big fishhouse. Trany and radiator was flushed the fall of 2004 before fishing trips. This truck is well worth $2800.00...bottom line!! I just had the oil changed last week and had them check all fluids. It has it's flaws...some rust above the wheel wells.
  4. Too many trucks in my driveway...I want this truck gone...$2800.00!! This is a very reliable vehicle.
  5. My new truck is in and I pick it up on Thursday, I don't want three trucks sitting in the driveway. Somebody please make me a reasonable offer... I just had the truck in today to have it checked out and oil changed. New tabs put on today! It may not be the cleanest truck, but it's very reliable sitting on the ice when it's -20 deg.
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