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  1. iceman1949

    jiffy ice auger?

    I though Jiffys ran a briggs? The one I looked at had one. In my opinion a Briggs and Stratton has always been a superior engine. I just couldn't afford the Jiffy.
  2. iceman1949

    Fishhouse Trailer

    Anyone whos willing to paint a frame with a good quality primer/paint for 300bucks is giving a good deal. You need to consider the fact that a high quality paint thats going to last the use and abuse that comes with the conditions of pulling and setting a fish house on the ice for extended periods, etc. is probably going to run somewhere in the $100 a gallon range for both paint and primer. Trust me its not cheap when you get the good stuff.
  3. iceman1949

    LED Lighting for a Eskimo Grand Caravan

    send me your email and ill give you the email it won't led me post it. I have waterproof led strips 2 96cm in my otter lodge they are awesome super bright actually could have gotten away with 1 but I like to over do everything. check them out they say shipping takes awhile but from order to received was about a week for me.
  4. iceman1949

    Reflectix = Awesome!!!

    I'll try and get some pics up for you guys to see how I set up my Otter lodge. I used double stick velco and attached it to the sled then went over the support poles all the way to the front cutting holes for the canvas straps and using them to hold the insulation. The velco holds it down really good without making any mods to the sled or attaching it to the canvas.