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  1. Sniper07

    85 or 86 Evinrude 28SLP

    Has ran great since I bought it last year. A week ago I was on the lake and she just quit no warning. About 20 minutes later I was able to get her started and headed straight to my dock. Then last Saturday she starts right up, and I let it run a couple minutes and head out. Got about 300 yards from shore she quits. I had to paddle back in to my dock. Since then I have replaced the plugs new tank with new gas. Last time I put gas in I was out of marine oil and so I used 2 stroke oil I have for my ice auger, could this have done something to it? BTW it started right up yesterday, ran great for a couple minutes and died and now wont start. Shes getting plenty of gas, I need to fish, so can someone help me out??
  2. Sniper07

    04 F150

    My 04 F150 has developed a catch in the steering. It turns hard sometimes (like manual steering). It began to do it after she sat for a month while I was in and out of the hospital. The PS pump was full so I took most the fluid out and added Lucas PS conditioner which worked ay first. Now it has started doing it again. I'm thinking it has to be either the pump or the rack, if it has one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't want to take it to a shop because most of them rip you off.
  3. Does anyone know if you can buy just the cables for the window? Ive looked at a few sites and seems they sell it as a whole unit including the motor, and these units are over $100. Seems foolish since all I seem to need are the cables. Any help will be appreciated
  4. I have an 04 F150 and the other day I rolled the drivers side down 1/2 way and when I went to put it up it refused. Never had problem before then, you can hear motor running and Ive even taken the door apart and nothing appears to be unhooked. Ive fixed alot of power windows in my time and this is set up different than any window Ive seen. Does anyone have ideas on problem. I put it up by pushing it up but it doesnt stay
  5. Sniper07

    Honda rancher purchase question from atv rookie

    I have an 03 Rincon 650 with 2800 miles on her, bought it earlier this year. It was owned by an older gentleman and he took excellent care of it. Looks and runs like new. It has both ES and Auto shifting modes and he told me theres never been a problem with it. It has after market ITP rims and real luggy tires on it. This thing has a ton of power, only thing I might need to do is invest in some chains. Honda makes a great 4 wheeler in my opinion and I've owned a few different makes. Sounds like a decent deal for you, I would pull the trigger if it were me. Good Luck
  6. Sniper07

    New York Ice fishing Reports

    I live on South Bay Oneida Lake and just came back from my dock with Chloe (my Dog). She was able to walk out about 25ft to leash end on the ice. Looks like it goes out a couple hundred yds, finally Oneida has ice on her that may stay. Temp here now is a balmy 9 degrees.
  7. Sniper07

    04 Ford won't run

    Found the problem, whoever welded the MAF mount on put it on upside down. The mounting holes on the sensor are offset,so I had to install the MAF upside down so the air flow direction was wrong. Only fits one way to work properly. Thanx for the help, I new it had to be something simple. I've put on dozens of these and never had a problem before.
  8. I have an 04 F150 that I just put a high flow air intake on and now I can't get her to stay running. Ran great before I put the intake on.I was trying to get better performance, hence the new intake (air filter system). Does anyone have any ideas? Could she be getting to much cold air?
  9. Sniper07


    Just want to check in and wanted to say that today I was reminded of one of the reasons I love this sport. I took a friend out today for his first ever Ice Fishing Adventure. It was a tight squeeze in my Cam Pro, (me -5'6", 200 Lbs, Brian 6'1",260Lbs sitting on a 5 gallon pail). We marked a lot of fish, so he wasn't bored. The joy and frustration look on his face was priceless, no matter what he did, he couldn't get a fish on the ice. But he wants to come again, so next time I'll bring my two man so we'll be more comfortable.
  10. Sniper07

    Got my deer back...

    That came out great Jay, that is a sweet looking rack. I remember talking to you about it at AW's when you stayed there while you were working the ice show.
  11. Sniper07

    Deadliest Catch - Sad News

    Yea Phil Harris and Zig Hanson were my 2 favorite. I'm at the age now that when I see people younger the me die it makes me wonder when I'm going to join them.
  12. Tank ,Bill and AW it was nice fishing all ya's today. Tank it was good to meet you and your buddy Bill. Fish were a tough crowd today, finally was able to break my dry spell and was able to ice 1 gill and do battle with a rather large slime dart on my St Croix UL rod,was fun while it lasted before it spit the hook by the hole.
  13. Sniper07

    Oneida Lake Fishing Reports

    Aw and I went off Lewis Point today, walking was tough in spots (good ole slush), marked a lot of fish. AW was able to limit out by days end, I wasn't so lucky. For the 3RD straight day I've been skunked. I'm at a frustration high, can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Sorry thanx for letting me vent a little.
  14. Congrats Thunder and Cali, man I would kill to get a part time job to supplement my retirement.