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  1. Trophyline Tree Saddle. They weigh about 4 pounds and are the most comfortable stand you will sit in. I used to have 3 or 4 hand on stands and then switched to a climber, the climber was definitely the way to go over the hang ons but was limited to the trees you can set up in. Once I bought my tree saddle I have probably used my climber maybe half a dozen times. The only downside to it is the strap in front of you if you have to switch to a shot on the other side it can be hard to get your bow over the strap without alot of movement but you get used to it after a couple of sits. But the benefits of it far outweigh the few disadvantages.
  2. buckhunter21

    Bowhunting plans for 2011

    I have been down in Missouri for work since September so I figured since I wouldnt get a chance to bowhunt MN all year I might as well try it down here. The hunting down here is amazing compared to what Im used to back home. I shot a doe the first time out and out of the 30 or 40 times I sat out there was maybe only 3 or 4 times I couldnt have got a shot at a deer. And the number of big bucks down here is unreal! I bet I have seen over 30 different 140"+ bucks down here since I arrived and this is just in a small area around the site I have been working on and the rut was unbelievable. I ended up missing a big boy and saw probably another 5 shooters while on stand. I ended up getting permission for some private land down here too from some good old farm boys, so I will definitely be back down next year during the rut. I have been invited for the last 3 years to go on an elk hunt in Washington and it just hasnt worked out but I think Im going to make it happen this year. Depending on where I am working next year I might even get a chance to hunt another state, Im hoping its one with a few muleys running around , but I will be happy with the other 2 hunts if thats all I get. Hopefully I get home a little more too next year so I can hunt on my old stomping grounds.
  3. buckhunter21


    I have been using NAP Spitfires for 3 or 4 years now. Some guys hate mechanicals and some love them, its all a matter of personal prefernce I guess. The spitfires are the only mechanicals I have shot and I have never had a problem with them and until I do I will keep using them. Never shot the Rages but have heard good things about them, the only thing that scares me about them is the O-ring to keep the blades closed during flight but I guess I havent heard many problems with that either. I just like the mechanicals better because you just screw them on and they shoot exactly like your field points without any adjusting, and as long as you buy a brand with a good reputation like Rage or Spitfire you shouldnt have to worry about the horror stories of them not opening on impact or not having a good blood trail. Every broadhead will have their positives and negatives just do some homework on a few different kinds that get your interest and maybe even shoot a few different kinds, like Archerysniper said its all about what you feel confident shooting with.
  4. buckhunter21

    Zone 3 APR

    I do like the idea of not counting the brows as a point and just making it 3 points on the main beam. Another idea I was thinking was a minimum of 4 points on one side OR a minimum inside spread of say 12 inches or something like that. There are probably situations where you maybe cannot get an accurate count on points quickly enough for a shot but it might be easy to see that the deer is well out past his ears in spread so therefore that would make him a legal buck without the need to double check he has a certain amount of points before pulling the trigger. It would also work the other way, there might be instances where you cant tell how wide the deer is but you could see he had 4 points on one side. I think the addition of a spread exception would make people feel more comfortable knowing they have another option if they cannot get an accurate count on points. Thats just my 2 cents.
  5. buckhunter21

    Corn vs. Beans

    I have noticed too that the deer prefer beans to corn, the only thing is that corn provides cover as well as food so deer are more likely to use it during shooting light at least in my experience. Last year we tried a corn and bean plot mixed together and the deer completely wiped out all the beans before the corn. The only problem I see is the beans will more than likely be off by hunting season, they will still probably eat out in the stubble but probably not like they would in standing beans or corn.
  6. buckhunter21

    which broadhead for me?

    Check out the online auction store (not sure if I can say the name on here) for your spitfire replacement blades. Last year I picked up 8 brand new spitfire broadheads for $40 bucks, usually you pay that for 3 new ones. Never bought replacement blades off there yet but Ive seen them for around $12 from time to time. I know the replacement blades are rediculous expensive but I love the spitfires and will stick with them even with the expensive price.
  7. buckhunter21

    Next Wednesday

    If possible I would have someone come in with you and do the baiting for you while you are getting set up in your stand. Have them do the same routine you do, like if you bang the buckets together to get all the bait out or whatever noises you make. Are you are coming in on a 4-wheeler, have them take off on it after you get set up and they have the pit covered back up. The bear is probably close by everyday and after he hears you making noise and leaving it is probably like the dinner bell ringing for them. If you have someone do the same routine for you you and you are set up in your stand I would be willing to bet it will come in on schedule after they leave and you are sitting there waiting for it.
  8. buckhunter21

    Whos' on the hit list.

    Man you guys are getting me pumped with these pics. Get to come home from work in pennsylvania next friday and then Im going to help my cousin with the baiting. So far we are having about a 50% hit rate but not all of them are consistant every day. This morning he walked up to his camera destroyed on the ground from a bear. He said he even had it up the tree above his head but it still noticed it and did a number on it. Cant wait to get up there and get my cameras out, hopefully I wont end up with the same result as him.
  9. buckhunter21


    I always have mine on me from opening day to the end of the season, why not it doesnt take up any room tucked into your coat. More often then not they are not going to work for you but if you have a nice buck out of range thats walking away from you why not blow a couple grunts at him and see what happens, if he doesnt respond oh well he wasnt going to come in anyways but there is always a chance he will come into it and give you a shot. Ive probably only had maybe 10 times where a grunt has worked for me, and a few times it was used with a rattling sequence as well. Ive never had a deer come in that I shot, its usually just playing around on a smaller buck just to see if they will come in but I have had a few nice bucks come in closer after they heard the grunt just never had one give me a shot. So IMO why not carry one with you, if you dont think a buck is going to come in close enough why not try a grunt and see what happens?
  10. buckhunter21

    Getting crowded what do you do?

    Theres really not a whole lot you can do about it, as long as hes not breaking any laws, I think there is a minimum distance he has to be from your bait but Im not certain on that one. I would do like lakeshore said and pin a not to a tree by their bait explaining to them that you have a bait already established nearby, they probably dont even know you have a bait set up near there. Be polite about it and if they any respect hopefully they will move on. Dont tamper with their site as this will more than likely end up hurting you in the end if they find out about it. I know we have had hunters set up baits within a few 100 yards of ours and our were getting hit every day while theres were off and on and all the trail cam pics they had were at night, I think the reason for this is because we had hands down better bait than them and they hit ours first and if they were still hungry they would move over to theirs. I would just stick it out if they dont move and see whats coming in and at what time, hopefully you can get a crack at the bear before they do, if not hopefully you have a few backup spots you can hunt.
  11. buckhunter21

    Beginning Deer Bowhunter help

    There is some great advice so far. I'll try to add a little more. 1)As far as finding information the internet is a great place to start, and you should be able to find some good info that will help you. Also if you ever have any questions if you ask on this forum you are almost guaranteed to get some helpful advice. 2)I would not suggest just sitting next to a tree while bow hunting because unless you have the perfect situation you are going to get busted either by smell or because the deer will see you try and draw back and this will really make you frustrated as a new hunter. A nice portable tree stand would be my suggestion either a hang on stand or a climber stand. A ladder stand is another option but Im not a big fan of these for bow hunting but thats just my opinion. A ground blind is an option if you dont like being up in a tree but I like to get up off the ground to give you a little more of an advantage. 3)As for broadheads theres a bunch of them out there and some are better than others. I personally use expandables and have never had a problem but some people dont like them, again do some research and decide what route you want to go. 4)Blaze orange is not needed unless you are hunting during firearms season, but if you wanted you could buy a orange vest or hat to wear while walking to your stand and then take it off once you get there just to make sure some nut doesnt mistake you for a deer while walking out. 5)As for other equiptment, like mentioned before some good camo clothes is a good start. Some good comfortable boots are another thing to consider. A flashlight is a good thing to carry with you too. As you get more experienced you will start finding out about other tools like calls and stuff that will maybe help you out every once in a while but for right now I would just focus on getting out in the woods and learning as much as you can. Another thing I am going to add is dont get frustrated with it! You are going to make mistakes the first few years, heck ive been doing this for 10 years and theres still things I look back on from the last year and think how stupid I was for doing this or not doing that, but learning from your mistakes makes you alot better hunter. The learning curve is going to be huge the first year or two so dont get down if you dont get a shot off, or if a deer busts you drawing back or things like that, its happened to us all and we are all better hunters the next time because of it. Just get out in the woods as much as you can and eventually you will have a hunt where everything falls in place and you get a shot off and hopefully you have enough practice to where you will make that shot count, dont worry if you miss either because im sure 99% of us on here who have been doing this for a while have missed a gimme shot at least once, it just happens. Soak up as much advice as you can and hopefully you will have your first deer by the end of hunting season! Good luck.
  12. buckhunter21

    Best bow for fit and max FPS!

    Northwoods summed it up pretty good. Your not going to come even close to getting the IBO rated speed of the bow, especially with your draw length because like mentioned above all IBO speed tests are done with a 30 inch draw at 70 pounds using a 350 grain arrow. None of those are going to be in comfort range, every inch of draw you are losing around 10-15 fps, every pound you drop is around 1-2 fps i believe, and your hunting arrow is more than likely going to be over the 350 grain mark. You are going to be losing about the same amount of speed becuase of those factors with any bow expensive or cheap, so really you probably will get a little more speed out of the high end bow but is the extra 10-15 fps really worth the extra $$$. I would just decide how much you really want to spend and find the bow that feels the best to you in that price range any not even worry about speed, if a recurve bow shooting under 200 fps can take down a deer really any compound bow you get is going to be shooting well above that mark and will have no problem taking down a deer. Like said above worry more about what bow you can shoot more accurately with than what bow is going to be a little bit faster.
  13. buckhunter21

    Need advice on neighbor problem

    Thanks for the advice guys. My dad called one of the other neighbors last night that owns land next to ours and he was also the other one that saw the dogs chasing a few years ago, and he told him what was going on. He said he knows its a problem and said that these dogs have been seen by other people in the areas land up to a 1/2 mile away. Im thinking maybe if we can get a few other people to knock on his door and tell him enough is enough he will finally do something about it because so far its really just been us that have been talking to the guy about it. Other than that if it keeps happening I think Im going to have to call the sheriff or call the DNR again, because like you said theres not a whole lot I can do legally. I know In was planning on trying to trap coyotes this winter for the first time and I know how thats going to end up, maybe if I give him a warning that Im going to start trapping he will finally find a way to keep his dogs on his own land.
  14. Not sure where to put this post so Ill just put it here and see if you guys can give me some advice. So our neighbor to our hunting lands dogs have been running around on our land off and on for about the last 3 years. Year 1 we they were spotted by me while out rifle hunting and by the neighbor a few weeks earlier chasing deer. After that we had them on camera and saw them at least 10 different times on our land but not chasing those times. Year 2 was the worst as far as them being on out land about twice a week that we saw and we are not out there that much so Im guessing it was a daily thing for them. We did not witness them chasing deer that year but had them on camera a few times again. This year is about the same as the last, we have spotted them a few times running around our woods and up in the yard of my grandparents house which is on the edge of the land. We have told the guy about it almost every time we see them and have called the dnr at least 5 or 6 times in the past 3 years and she has went out and talked to them a few times about it and the guy cant seem to get it through his head that this is affecting out hunting. Now tonight my dad calls me and tells me he went and talked to the neighbor again because they were on our land again today and they got into this time, at the end of the argument the neighbor said something like "if you want to start a war we can start a war" now I dont know what that means exactly but the guy is really starting to be a [PoorWordUsage] about it. The dnr said we can get the sheriff involved if we want and they will come and get rid of the dogs but the old man doesnt want to go that route being a dog lover. Im not sure what to do now the guy obviously isnt going to try and stop them from running around. Our hunting has seems like its suffered since these dogs have starting running around mainly I think because the woods they walk through used to be our main woods where deer would bed on our property, and I just dont think deer bed there anymore if the dogs are constantly harrassing them. And who knows if they have actually caught any deer. Sorry this is kinda long but Im really fed up with this especially since Im on the road all the time for work and there isnt much I can do about it, I just needed to vent and see what you guys would do in this situation. I think its about time to get the sheriff out there to get rid of them but I really dont want to have a [PoorWordUsage] off neighbor, but i dont know what my other options are. I know theres a certain time of year you can shoot them too if there on your land but I really dont want to go that route either. Thanks for any input on this.
  15. buckhunter21

    Solar lights to find your stand in the morning?

    I think it would end up spooking the deer but who knows maybe they would get used to it. I would just stick to glow tacks and a piece of reflective tape on your stand and then just use a headlamp or flashlight if you have trouble finding your stand.