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  1. thirty inches is a nice fish, I had a 30 incher mounted by a guy ron shaleen 651-436-8913 [email protected] he mounted it on a piece of driftwood that was forked at the bottom so it could hang on the wall or stand by itself on a table or mantle. It's one of the nicest realistic mounts I've ever seen, and the best part is his turnaround time. He says four weeks but I got mine in less than three weeks. total price 270. His house is in Lakeland, Mn. just across the river from Hudson Wisconsin. He works out of his home and is loaded with fish,duck,deer and bear mounts to check out his work. I would use him again for my next fish mount.
  2. Randy is this prop still available? Mike, [email protected] ....your email address doesn't work.... ever work at shapco printing?
  3. Has anyone used or know anything about this lure? I saw it used at the sport show Fri. Of all the baits tossed into the hawg tank this was the only lure to get a reaction from any of the fish. As it slowly sunk a northern nailed it and bit it off before any other fish could get to it.
  4. pressman

    Flash Glow

    the 35mm flash units can be found at thrift stores like goodwill or salvation army in the so-called electronic area. they go for 1.00 and will outperform any taser or lazer or led or flashlight on your glow jigs..
  5. Fisherdog, I know this is none of my business but you're asking too much. It's used even if it's mint it is'nt a bargain at 25 per cent off of new prices. It doesn't matter what the HSOforum price is they sell at all the stores for 499. and even go for less than your asking at the end of the season.
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