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  1. My daughter in-law will soon be taking her c & c class.Since her birthday is coming up too,I'd like to buy her a pistol.It would be strictly a self defense firearm.I own rifles and shotguns but,have never owned a pistol.Hence,I know little about them.That being said,I am leaning in the direction of a .22 but,would like to hear from other more well informed people.Brand name,etc,would be nice. Thanks
  2. I think this has been covered before but,I need to ask again.The yellow,plastic auger bit cover that comes with a Nils power auger is ridiculous.Are there any better covers available out there?
  3. I'm looking for a second(spare)cutting head for my 8" Nils power auger.Does anyone know where I can get one?
  4. Can someone fill me in on the zerks fitting on the Tanaka powerhead,as far as frequency,type of grease,etc? Also,was I supposed to grease this thing new? I don't think I read anything about greasing it in the manual but,could have missed it.
  5. -8 this morning and the Nils/Tanaka would not start.After numerous attempts I was certain it must now be flooded.However,when I pulled the plug,it did not appear to be.Re installed the plug,choked,primed even more,squeezed the throttle a few time and it finally started.Rather than ask a bunch of ?'s,I'll narrow it down to just one.How about some cold weather starting tips for the Nils/Tanaka?
  6. Quote: That dam On switch! Always the culprit. Oh man! If I had a dollar for every time I've done something like that in my 59 years of living,we could go out and have a good time somewhere.
  7. Finally had the opportunity to put the Nils on ice today and it wouldn't start. Must have pulled on it 20 times...still wouldn't fire.After a brief rest ,I tried again, pulling the recoil several times...still no go.Now,standing there wondering what could be wrong...did I miss something? Yes! I forgot to flip the switch to on! First pull and it's running. Cut's holes like a hot knife through butter. What a sweet machine.
  8. Finally!After a 4 week wait,today I received my Nils 8" power auger.It looks like a very well built product.The Tanaka started on the 4th pull out of the box.Haven't put it on ice yet...stay tuned.
  9. Good to hear.I'm expecting delivery of the same,any day.From your experience and others,I'm expecting good things.I watched the UPS truck come and go down our road this morning.Didn't stop at my house...maybe tomorrow.Good luck and enjoy.
  10. I just sent Frank a PM regarding his sharpening service.Could someone provide me with the means to contact Bee? Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.
  11. I just purchased a Nils power auger.I haven't received it yet but,the one thing I didn't look into was it's ability to or rather,if it's advisable to open old holes with it.My guess is that it's not recommended.What are your thoughts and experiences. Thanks
  12. I'm going to pull the trigger on a new auger and it's down to the Nils with an 8" or,a Strikemaster/Honda lite with the same.I've recently noticed that Nils has 2 engine sizes available,a 27 and 35cc.Obviously the bigger engine is somewhat pricier.Is it worth it?How does the Strikemaster/Honda compare?Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. I have a late 50's Keystone 8mm camera and an accompanying lighting rack.All work, good condition.For the asking.
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