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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will chalk it up as pointy, river-washed, megladon tooth-looking rock.
  2. Found this on the bank of the Mississippi in Aitkin county. Not sure if it is any kind of old hand tool/weapon or maybe just a naturally formed object. Looks to be made from slate? Any opinions on what it may be or where to take it for an i.d.? Thanks.
  3. I have this tank that was given to me on this forum and no longer have a use for it. Used it for holding redtails. It does not leak, comes with a nice metal stand on wheels with brakes and has a valve for easy draining. It will hold up to 75 gallons or more? Located in Shoreview. I could arrange a meeting point in the metro or surrounding suburbs.
  4. I wanted to ask about these shrooms also. From what I gather from images and other posts, they look like oysters. Don't take that to the bank as I am wary of any shroom ID other than morels and hens.
  5. I found those ramps in an area hunting for shrooms. The soil seemed pretty fertile, no real mix of sand in it. Low lying area with with swamp close by. Lots of leaves on the ground in a mix of big oaks, walnut and elm trees. I used these in scrambled eggs, fried rice and tortilla roll-ups. Very good! Although they are strong when eaten raw. I thought they were fantastic when sauteed.
  6. Each person rescued by hovercraft was charged $400.00 according to reliable source.
  7. I found this in some landscape rock as I was going into a restaraunt. Has anybody ever seen anything like this? it looks like half of the "outer shell" was stripped away to expose an unbelievably smooth surface. I did not polish this at all, but added some oil to it to make it "pop". It is golfball in size. The first few pics are how I saw it, then I turned it over and was surprised.
  8. Pagz

    Bass Photos

    I wear prescripton sunglasses out on the water. Samuel's Club has a pretty decent selection, style and price for most prescriptons. I would definitely recommend a floating lanyard to use with them.
  9. Yeah, what slimer said. Of two spots that I found them one had big elms and sparse aspen the other had mostly poplar,sugar maple and a few elm. Both places had some large trees both standing and dead on the ground. Seemed like there was always some patches of raised moss within a foot of each mushroom in one area.Almost like they were old decayed stumps of trees. Both areas were near water but did not look like they would ever flood All I can say is keep trying. It took me some time before I found my first patch. When I did find one I would crouch down near the ground and that seemed to help locate others.
  10. Thanks everyone !! I ended up eating them up fresh with my family. and Dark, you are right, it is now in my blood . I went out after work just 1 mile down the road and found 18 more. I don't if it was dumb luck or what. It's sounds silly but I felt like a little kid discovering chocolate bars growing out of the ground every time I saw one. Might have to see a chiropractor, in-between looking for agates and shrooms, my neck is getting sore looking down at the ground all the time. I'm going to try and dry this batch. Thanks for the input.
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