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  1. Scrapes and Rubs started popping up first week of October. The young bucks are doing most of the activity and most of it done at night or right at dawn or dusk. Monday night had 3 bucks- spike, fork and a 6 pointer come in to light rattling at 6:50 pm. They worked 2 fresh scrapes that I had put buck urine in and the fork and 6 pointer had a 5 second sparring bout then went on about there business feeding together.
  2. Goodluck everyone! My plans for the weekend are still up in the air due to prior engagements on Saturday. Wisconsin, Public land and Private are all still options for Saturday evening-Monday.
  3. Guess I picked the wrong days to take time off this week, but I did that cuz I knew I would need to give my rear a rest prior to this weekends long sits. Made it to my second property around 12:30 yesterday, was still raining hard. As I was getting ready I had another nearby hunter drive by, and we chatted for about 15 minutes. Seems as though I talked him into hunting that evening. He said he wasn't seeing much throughout the week and didn't know if they would be on the move with rain. I hope he saw something, because the weather was garbage. Down poured the whole afternoon. It was fun talking with him though and he even offered to swing by after his hunt to see if I needed help dragging. He never showed when I was out of the woods, so I hope that meant he got something! Regardless, that is part of what makes bowhunting fun. We all have the same passion. Please remember that the next time you run into another hunter, be kind and who knows maybe you will learn a thing or two. I know I appreciated it, I was flying solo and it was fun to talk to another archer. I ended up seeing 1 deer on the day and that was at 5:10 about 80 yards out. Word is after that rain quit last night, the deer have been moving like nuts. Should make for a good weekend of hunting, if we have some moderate conditions without too much wind. I prefer to shoot one with my bow, but if daddy dandy provides me with an opportunity this weekend, I will take it. Good luck everybody!
  4. Just got back from hunting, clothes are drying. Got to my stand nice and early this morning, quiet and comfortable by 5:30. Was hoping a couple of these bucks that have been on camera working scrapes early in the morning would stop by and keep me entertained until daylight. Unfortunately I was deerless all morning. Gonna be heading to another property in 30, good luck everybody!
  5. Great bucks guys! Just what I needed to get me out've bed in a few hours. Best of luck to the rest of us still after them!
  6. Made it out Sunday evening at my spot near home. Finally started seeing some rut activity! Scrapes were fresh and licking branches being worked over, but didn't see any deer. Took a half day yesterday and made it out to my stand at 2. It was a beautiful evening all I could think of was how this is the reason I love bow hunting. Needless to say I still didn't see any deer, but I did pull my camera cards. When I got home I checked the cards and was all jacked up to finally lay eyes on some bucks. Some I didn't have pictures of earlier this fall and some that I did. Since October 23rd, I had 4 or 5 different bucks working my mock scrapes (in known scraping areas) and 1 giant! From the picture it's tough to tell if Andre is the same deer I have had on my camera the past couple years (one in which I was worried was a victim of last years shotgun season) but he sure stuck around for a few days. He was workigg a couple different scrape locations, but him as well as all the other bucks were only pictured between 7:30 pm and 5 a.m. I'm hoping they start moving during the day a bit or hold out past the first weekend so that I can get a whack on him, as I will be rifle hunting up north this weekend. Planning on taking tomorrow off, my plans are still up in the air yet, but I'm thinking I will head up to the cabin to get one more hunt in on public land before the orange army hits it, that or sit morning around home and cruise up mid day for an evening sit (1 hour drive). Hopefully have a better report for you guys tomorrow, but I'm happy to personally see activity picking up finally!
  7. Reading through this thread I think everyone has valid points and viable opinions of Ripley and the way it is structured or mananaged. My personal experiences with Beau has been nothing short of exceptional. He has always replied promptly to any and all of my Todd & Morrison county public land questions. He has even gone above and beyond that to supply me with other useful and helpful information regarding those properties. Do I think he is the problem? No. I do think the MN DNR is charging an awful lot for application fees for a hunt that you aren't guaranteed to get into, but as long as they are using the money wisley to help our outdoor community, I can't complain. The number of hunters allowed into camp could be a factor, but it could also be helping hunters see more deer by keeping them on their feet. I have been hunting Ripley for about 10 years and I can say honestly that every hunt except last years' and maybe one other, have been good enough to satisfy my expectations. I believe our group has taken 1 deer or more almost every year (accepted) and besides last year, have seen some decent bucks each time. Last year we did notice many more wolf tracks than any other year before. Talking to others from the area and even further north, it sounds like the wolves are demolishing the deer population. In another thread, someone mentioned they figured Riply had possibly 50 wolves that according to DNR eat something like 20 deer/each per year. According to those numbers, I'd say wolves are the biggest influence. Maybe add a lottery hunt for those.. Anyway, add in a couple bad winters, things change. Like anything in this world. There will be good years and there will be bad. Regardless, I will be going back up to Ripley this weekend not only for the shot at a nice buck or a bonus doe, but a get away with my buddies. Happy Hunting, "May the Odds Forever Be In Your Favor"
  8. My brother inlaw and I had the same experience as you this past weekend. We hunted hard all weekend on 1400 acres of secluded public land (hardly any pressure) and neither of us seen a deer. We set up in oak ridges near swamps with lots of fresh deer trails and beds, butnot much for rubs or scrapes. We were curious if the lack of sightings was due to the moon, the south winds or just plain cruddy spots. Each day driving to and from our hunting location we would see a few deer moving out of the corn field/ditch. Which made us wonder if it was a combination of above reasons. With the bright moon maybe the deer were only really on the move at night, are people now seeing deer feeding in ag fields rather than the oaks, and with corn fields not yet harvested could they be bedding there rather than swamps??? Thoughts?
  9. After seeing Rodgers vs Seattle I would go with Tanny... but I also am still starting Keenan Allen in multiple leagues..
  10. Cool pics! Good to know.. Looks like you may have been doing some scouting/glassing and it paid off!
  11. I had the same experience at Byerly's Eyeguy, I was so excited. Meant to make it back for a 2nd round after checking out what I was working with on freezer space, but forgot. I'm glad I made it there tho and was able to help someone cash in on it, what a deal!
  12. Lunds' and Byerly's are having a seafood & meat sale thru this Wednesday the 21st. Just stopped at the Byerly's we have here in St. Cloud and Porterhouses, Choice T-bone and Opilio Snow Crab all $6.99/lb
  13. I just posted a pretty lengthy write up about my experience with mock scrapes this year in this topic/thread Scents Hope this helps, Good Luck! -BM
  14. I was just talking to a buddy last week while I was buying scents, telling him that I wish over the years that I would have kept track of which scents I've used/time of season I've used them/what worked/didn't work. I have had plenty that have worked and plenty that have not worked, but never recorded when and which kinds. Anyhow, I picked up some Golden Scrape (on sale) and a small bottle of Tinks Trophy Buck Urine (I believe?), and on Saturday after the rainy morning, went out and spent an hour or two putting together a great Mock Scrape line with some fabricated over hanging limps with licking branches. I set these up between 2 scrapes that were just started within the past week. I made a total 4 scrapes (on 1 I just opened up one of their scrapes even furthur hoping to make it look like a comunity scrape and hung a Magnum Dripper over it) then also placed a dripper over one other big mock scrape placed in front of one of my stands and filled both with Golden Scrape. I made these scrapes anywhere from 20-50 yds apart from one and other. Placed a camera in front of one and left the woods for an hour or 2 and returned later Saturday night to hunt and drizzled a little of my Tinks Buck Urine in the scrape. During the evening hunt, I had one small buck come through and passed. I decided to go out Sunday night and showed up a little early and noticed deer prints in all of my scrapes, so I pulled the camera card and continued to hunt. We saw one buck right at the end of shooting light, went home checked the camera and to my surprise, throughout just the 1 night I had 3 different bucks and 5 different does show up to my scrape. In summary, I am currently satisfied with Golden Scrape as a early season/pre-rut scent, coupled with using Tinks Trophy Buck to act as an intruding buck on my mock scrapes. +1 on Code Blue Estrous Gel during rut.. Was amazed how bucks come bolting with nose down. It is a VERY potent estrous smell, best estrous scent I've used-to-date I have not had much luck with Code Red: Doe Urine or Buck Urine, they are not as potent, I think they would work best as maybe a cover scent. My experience: Golden Scrap> Active Scrape. Hope this long winded response helps! Good Luck Hunting -BM
  15. In again! We will see all of you B hunters in November! Hopefully many will be visiting our site again. Last year we went 2-4 nice 8 pointer and nice 9 pointer, with the other 2 hunters passing on some decent bucks.
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