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  1. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Funny/clever (ice)fishing sayings...

    My two favorite are from jaws. Bring him to the shallows and we will drown him! Wait till the Taxidermy man sees what I brung him!
  2. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Anyone still out?

    Got a fat forty inch tuesday night trolling. Same way we have been getting them trolling 1.1 to 1.9 mph with depth raiders.
  3. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Fat forty from last night! Same methods me and my buddy were using on the last seven.
  4. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Have not been out in a while.....

    I dont fish White bear but have been doing very well on my honey hole trolling depth raiders at night. We are trolling 1.1 to 1.7 mph with alot of line. Got 4 last tuesday and 3 on wednesday night. Also picked up another monday night. Good Luck
  5. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Fig Rig Rod warranty?

    Thanks guys! Ya I think I am going to switch to a new rod because this is my second to do the same thing. The first I thought was my fault but two and there is something wrong.
  6. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Fig Rig Rod warranty?

    Was just out tonight and got into some weeds so went to jerk them free and SNAP! Does anyone know fig rigs warranty policy and possibly a number to call?
  7. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Sorry it took so long for the pics. I went out the next night and we boated three. Seven in two nights aint to bad. missed and lost about a half dozen too. In order the size goes 36, 44, 38, 36, 36.5, 33, 35.
  8. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    My partner and I caught 4 skis tonight. 44, 36.5, 36, 33! forgot the digital camera so only have cellphone pics and am to lazy to get them on here right now. They will be on tomorrow though.
  9. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Fishing at night this time of year?

    Just got 4 in the boat and lost 2 tonight trolling depth raiders. One of the best nights this year. Pics will be on the muskie pike photo sharing blog tomorrow.
  10. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    hardest fighter

    I disagree with you main butter but understand where you are coming from. I have caught some muskies that were more lazy then others big time. But i have had some great fights from muskies, much better than big carp. The reason carp are hard to real in is because they just use their weight and size and put themselves sideways. Had quite a few also that were lazy. never had big runs from my carp, and i use much smaller gear then my muskie gear. Also that 48 inch muskie would have more than likely spooled you in the river current also.
  11. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    hardest fighter

    1.Smallmouth 2.Sturgeon 3.Sunfish 4.Muskie 5.Any rough fish
  12. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    New Michigan State Record Muskie

    What a story! That fish is amazing, and great pics! Now thats a guy who deserves a fish like that. No car only a boat. Fishes everyday. 4500 hours logged and 25000 miles on his boat in seven years. Thats awesome!
  13. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    59x29 caught on Vermillion

    http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af124/bullet-dog/615.jpg http://i1000.photobucket.com/albums/af124/bullet-dog/618.jpg There is 59 inches on tape. Looks a bit bigger! I am 6 foot on the mark just so you know. I measured before the pic
  14. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    59x29 caught on Vermillion

    Okay I am entitiled to my opinion so here it is. I am sick of these terrible pics and people expecting there not to be grief! You just caught a 59 or 60 or whatever it is and you cant seem to get a better pic. whats the other guy or two doing when you have the tape on it! take a pic there! what about flippin the camera on that first pic. BINGO, full fish! I mean come on that is a god like fish and thats all the better you can do. How long does it really take to snap off pictures on todays digital cameras. There are no excuses if you ask me. I have got better pics with my cell phone by myself. Im not saying dont claim whatever size you are claiming, even though my opinion is the size never seems to match up, but dont expect people to not give you s%$& when you dont provide good evidence.
  15. Flakeoutdoorsguy

    Favorite lure in the fall?

    Whats your go to fall lure? Ive done well on shad raps two years in a row. just boated two and three follows on one wednesday.