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  1. I am using the ice transducer and will try you suggestions next time i'm out. I was going to do the reset this morning but pesky work interfered. The powering off issue seems like something different though, I don't think the transducer should affect anything when I'm switching between views. I'm going to make a call and see if I can get any answers, will report back if I do. Thanks for the ideas.
  2. I am having the same power issues with my Helix 7 G2N. I start switching between views and it shuts down. I was sitting 6 feet from my buddy using a Helix 7 G2 in 17 feet of water and I noticed my gain had to be turned up higher than his to see the same size lures. I'm not sure what is going on but I hope it can be easily fixed or replaced.
  3. Any reports on this unit yet? I'm looking at upgrading to an electric 10" auger and was wondering how it would compare to the Strikemaster.
  4. Looking for two of these to replace my current battery in fish house, anyone got a good brand to go with or a good place to buy these? Thanks
  5. Do those batteries need to be vented? And would you run them in series or parallel?
  6. Are the links to the original pictures broken?
  7. Fathom

    ATV mechanic

    Anyone know of a good ATV mechanic within an hour of Park Rapids? I need my kawasaki worked on.
  8. Well it was a tough weekend thanks to the weather on Saturday being so pleasant. We tried Six Mile Bay. We managed some walleyes in the morning and evening. Caught a couple perch as well. Graphed fish and tried all kinds of different options but they were pretty finicky. Buckshot with minnow head had best results. Made it about an hour and a half through the fishing derby on Saturday and said that was enough. Brain went numb walking off the ice but some great fish were caught and has me wanting to go back and try again.
  9. Not much luck day one hopefully day two is better a bit windy today Few walleyed and perch caught in 18-20 ft
  10. Any certain depths to target this time of year for pannies?
  11. Heading to Devils lake for my first time this weekend. Anyone have any suggestions/tips they could share. Really looking forward to trying to catch some perch even though things might be slow.
  12. I have a 90hp Johnson with a concealed side mount control. My problems is the control will shift the boat into reverse but then it stops and I can't get any throttle in reverse. So it will go into gear but that's as far as it will go. Any ideas what might be causing this problem?
  13. I must have been using the Google search app instead of the voice dialer app. I loaded the AVIC app today and will give that a go. Being new to a smartphone I just need to get in the habit where if I think of something that would be nice on my phone to do an app search for it. Only ever having a basic phone has limited my thinking. Thanks again for the help.
  14. That is a good point, maybe I was just being lazy. I did have some time yesterday to add a bunch of apps. I didn't realize how easy it was. I actually was on my desktop at work looking on the market and just kept clicking install, install, install and they were all instantly loaded on my phone. I am curious about one thing with the new Google Play, it seems some people with rooted phones were ticked off because the google apps don't work on their phones now? I'm going to do a little more searching on some other forums today but is this limiting the customization of android phones? Another quick question about the voice search, how do you get it to stop searching the web? Maybe I am using it incorrectly or I am using the wrong search but when I hit the microphone and say "call so and so" it does a search on the web for call so and so. Any ideas?
  15. Thanks everyone for the help/advice, it does come in handy. Since I had to look up what it means to root your phone I probably won't be doing that unless it is easier than it sounds. I haven't really kept up on my technology as well as I should and I don't want to ruin anything. You were right about the battery app CAMAN, it did help manage my battery but it wouldn't allow me to use my data until I uninstalled it and turned my phone off and on. I'll just try and keep an eye on what is running in the background. So far I am happy with the look and feel of the phone and it does run supper smoothly. I think what I am missing is the customization to make it a truly great phone. It seems the iphone has most of the things I am looking for already loaded and easier to find and use(experience with wife's phone). I'll keep playing around with it though before I need to decide if I am going to exchange it. Thanks again to everyone who has offered advice.
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