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  1. Brooky

    City of Lakes Skijoring event

    Beautiful dogs. Love the 3rd shot.
  2. Brooky

    Young Doe from today

    This is a good closeup of a young Deer from a couple of years ago. There's some fine white hairs around the mouth, but not 6"long.
  3. Brooky

    Young Doe from today

    And a Buck too.
  4. Brooky

    Rainy Lake Fishing

    Fantastic Dbl. I really enjoyed your photos and video.
  5. I like to visit this place in the fall of each year. It's only a 5 minute drive from home but it's a tough place to get to. You need an old beat up rusty 4 wheel drive to get there. Lucky for me, I have one.
  6. Brooky

    Laker Release

    Thanks Jim. Just this one.
  7. Brooky

    Great Kype

  8. Brooky

    To keep things on topic...

    Thanks guys. Actually none of this advice surprises me. I wasn't even there when the photo was taken, but what a shame to get such a crappy shot of such a great fish. All of my photo worthy fish get put in the livewell to recover, and then the boat is positioned for the sun. For the record, it was a 35 lb. Lake Trout.
  9. Brooky

    Labor day Lake Trout

  10. This is a horrible picture of my nephews Lake Trout. Taken with a point and shoot. But if taken with a manual camera, what settings would be used to get nice detail on the Lake Trout, and still not have a washed out background?
  11. Brooky

    Labor day Lake Trout

    Ontario Canada