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  1. ^^ What he said. Jamming a thicker batt in the cavity will give you less r-value. You can get an R-13 batt for a reasonable price. Heat rises. Go heavier on the attic and leave the walls at 2x4.
  2. crothmeier

    Yard Shed

    Hit a local yard and talk to a salesman there. They'll walk you through it, give you tips and probably deliver everything for little or no $$. Might pay a little more than the big M, but the customer service and help should more than make up for it.
  3. crothmeier

    Faded Window Frames

    I don't know that Renewal has an aluminum frame. They usually are their Fibrex (composite) material coated with vinyl. Regular Andersen vinyl clad windows commonly had fading issues with the Terratone color. That's the nature of a dark colored vinyl. The "chalking" is also common, I know people that have washed them with soap and water to bring the color back some. Armor-all is another temporary fix.
  4. crothmeier

    FM Fantasy Baseball 2015

    We still have room for 1 more team to round it out! PM me for an invite!
  5. crothmeier

    New House

    That code went into effect in Febraury of this year. Like stated above you will need to sheetrock the ceiling in the basement before a certificate of occupancy will be granted. Along with that comes a blower door test and a myriad of other changes that are new this year. Best case is to determine your basement layout prior to finishing construction and have the partition walls, electrical/hvac ran right away. It'll save you money/time/demo in the long run.
  6. crothmeier

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    No Vanek at practice today, but Yeo expects him to play. Interesting lines today with Russo thinking they will break up the 9-11-29 line.
  7. crothmeier

    FM Fantasy Baseball 2015

    I re-upped our league on Yahoo. There is room for new teams, PM me your preferred e-mail if you are interested! Its a no-cost, just for fun/bragging rights league.
  8. crothmeier

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    I was at the game last night. The crowd was pretty quiet, but it was a pretty bland game. I did see for the first time Nordy with a Sieve sign. That chant got going pretty good for a little bit. Everytime I hear the "one minute remaining in the period, one minute" I say THANK YOU, and everyone around me looks at me funny. The bomb sSandella unleahsed that nearly took Luongo's life was an interesting moment. That slapshot needs to be on the #1 PP.
  9. crothmeier

    Who should I get to mount 11" sunfish?

    I use Wendt Taxidermy in Mankato for my fish. Bob does an excellent job.
  10. crothmeier

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    We need to get bigger. I don't see why Graovac isn't up here more. He played well when he was here. He has size and skill. I get the development aspect of him playing in Iowa (Look what it did to Zucker, and look how its hurting Darcy not being able to go back) but I'd like to see him have a few more chances up with the club. In response to the comment about when Boogard was swooping around the ice, Cooke brought some of that last year, not to the extent of Boogie, but guys had to keep their heads up when Matt was on the ice. Same thing with Ballard. We missed both of them for a large chunk of this season, and no-one filled that role. The "enforcer" role is dwindling in the NHL, which is trending more towards size & skill. But on a team that's small with skill, we need someone circling the other team ready to hit.
  11. crothmeier

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Our style of play definitly changed in the 2nd period. We sat in our own end and just cleared the puck. No up ice rushes or offensive push. We have had a tendancy over the past few years to do this when up by 1 or two goals early. Its almost like a "prevent" defense that prevents us from winning.
  12. crothmeier

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    LaPanta at one point called the play of "and he's chased down and caught from behind by Vanek" I let out a loud "Ha! Wow!" My wife looked at me and said what?? Ha.. nothing.. Dany All-Star cleared waivers. NOBODY wanted some 50 in '07 If you want a comical read, find his parody account on twitter. @danyallstar15
  13. crothmeier

    Budgeting For New Deck

    Treated is cheaper than cedar, and can be stained to look like cedar. Cedar has weather resistant qualities but will fade to gray, so you will end up staining that every few years to keep the color if you want that look. Composites are 4-5x the price of treated. Like mentioned above, a Dekorator-type baluster or an aluminum railing paired with treated or cedar decking is really sharp and cuts down staining time by all of 50%. We sell very few all wood railings now, they are typically a mix of wood top/bottom rails and aluminum balusters or all aluminum railing. One thing to watch on the aluminum, the good stuff is powder coated and very durable, the cheap stuff (save BIG money when you shop ....) is painted and scratches easily.
  14. crothmeier

    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Prosser is a Plus -9. Suprisingly Nino is a Plus -11
  15. crothmeier

    Garage Door Opener

    10 years is pretty good for openers today. But after 10 years of up and down, something is bound to vibrate loose. its a good idea to check the hardware nuts and bolts as well as the rollers on the doors. They are $4 apiece and will need replacing after awhile. Like mentioned above release the door from the opener and manually run it up and down. if there's a catch you should easily be able to find it. If its the opener, you can buy a nice new chamberlain for under $150 this time of year.