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  1. Talked to an old man on the river in Saint Paul that said he knew a guy that knew how to do it. Said he would give me a WHOLE smoked ham if he could have just one more bite of that guys recipe. Pretty serious statement in my book.
  2. Let me know when you are ready to storm the capitol with pitchforks,shovels,pick handles and torches. I am in. But we need to spend millions to pump water from the river,or some other body of water into White Bear ????
  3. I have to echo the post from Boxmn. Did the same thing and regret it. Over $450 . Not the cheapest. Upgraded to ejectors instead of extractors. Never worked. First shot fired out of the thing and I had to go to the garage and get a screwdriver to extract the shell. After a few months of bickering with employees a letter to company president got me a replacement. Only a waterfowl hunter so I did not want something I take out of a glass case to throw in a wet boat and lean against the gunale {sp) ? Wanted something that can dual as a paddle and a machete. Ha. Just replaced firing pin. No way I
  4. Mine starting to act the same. Over 30 years old. Might take it in today. Never done a thing to it in 30 years.
  5. Nice. Fowlmouth. Got a friend in Cannon. Hope to get in on some of that action.
  6. One Suzy. Break half inch ice the whole way. Saw about 40 ducks total and 20 geese.
  7. Mopped em today. More shooting than whole season up to this point. Steady stream of high flying migrants all morning. Ducks and geese. Birds we got decoyed perfectly. Feet down. Worst season so far, forgotten in the first flock of decoying birds. Shooting locals still yesterday. Today, migrants. Shame the majority of it will be over in a few days if the wind lays down at all during the nights. Maybe we should have " rollover" days from season to season because of ice cover. Ha.
  8. Ringie hen,Mergie hen,Woody hen. Saw about 100 ringies. Birds that have been here long enough to shy away from the hunting spot. Geese too. Locals that know exactly where they are safe. No migrating flocks noticed. Geese or ducks. Only heard 2 single deer shots. Ringie hen had some mono line on her. Swivel and split shot too. Not tight just wrapped around her body once. Weird.
  9. Northern Washington county. Saw one flock of 6-8 and another flock of 10. Too far away to even take a guess what they were. Never heard a shot. Never heard a goose. Never saw any high flying migrants.
  10. Scrambled to get out after work tonight. Never saw a duck. Never heard a goose. Heard one single shot from Forest lake. Heard migrating Tundra swans while picking up dekes.
  11. Deer hunting ??? C'mon man , Where is your sense of fair chase ? Those things are like pests. That would be like fishing in the trout pond at the sport show . Not me. Duck blind. JK. I know it will be tough for deer hunters. Same as ducks. Some places thick, others,none.
  12. Saw a mergie flying way across the lake. Heard 3 shot volleys. Not a goose seen or heard.
  13. I would have tried them for that too ! Was there yesterday and they are $179 !!
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