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  1. deerhunter

    Youth deer hunts lottery

    That would be cutting it close since the hunt is oct 24th. Where did you find the date I can't find it anywhere?
  2. Does anyone know when we find who got drawn for the special youth hunts in the parks my son applied for the hunt at sibley park and there is only 10 permits given out so I assume they had to do a drawing
  3. deerhunter


    I went out of lybacks earlier this year too and also told him not all spearers are like some of the ones that have came there. I think its a lot of people who haven't speared before and got caught up in the craze and told him I always push my block in and mark it.Ironically my brother didn't mark his hole because he was coming back to it the next day (we slept on the ice angling) well he never went back to his hole so my uncle went over to it to push the block back in the hole and stepped in the hole because snow blew over it thankfully nothing bad happened except for a wet leg and to listen to my 50 year old uncle lay into my 40 year old brother was priceless
  4. deerhunter

    Building New Spear House!!

    got it free from work 20lb tanks
  5. deerhunter

    Building New Spear House!!

    Its getting closer to being done. Deer hunting took a lot of time away
  6. deerhunter

    got my itch scratched

    pm sent to you
  7. Opening morning at 7:45 2nd Saturday at 7:00 We obviously were party hunting my dad me and another guy. Our friend really wanted some venison so he told me to come with the 2nd weekend so there's a better chance at getting one I said fine sure glad I did.
  8. deerhunter

    Wisconsin opener

    Hunt in Sawyer county group of 11 no bucks sad sad sad
  9. deerhunter

    Sons art project Les Kouba?

    Yep its right in our living room I want to put it in new spear house but I don't want it stolen. I have a coffee mug with it on too
  10. Thought it was pretty creative
  11. deerhunter

    Building New Spear House!!

    Getting closer outside is done. Now the more fun part the inside
  12. deerhunter

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    That's funny but cruel You got me too
  13. deerhunter

    Building New Spear House!!

    k 2x2 at 16 O.C The floor has 1/2 plywood then 1/2 in foam inslution (vapor barrier) then plywood again.
  14. deerhunter

    Building New Spear House!!

    Its 6x12 it will stay on trailer so it cranks down to the ice.I'm going to put lights in it and TV antenna so I can angle out of it too. I went with recliners so my son and I can sleep in it not enough room for beds.