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  1. My wife has a 97 Ford F150 that I replaced the starter in 2-3 months ago. The problem I'm having is that since it has turned cold the starter will not engage unless I lay under the truck and tap it with a hammer while she turns the key. This only happens when her truck has sat out in the cold. When the truck is warm it will turn right over, any body have any ideas what is causing this and a way to fix it?
  2. Albert

    Who's ever tried quitting(smoking)???

    I quit for 10.5 years, started smoking again in Feb 09. One of my poorer decisions, now I'm having a hard time trying to quit again, and I have been taking meds for asthma for almost 12 years. Gotten a lot worse since I took up the habit again.
  3. Hey Thunder did you go over by where I hunt during your drive? Being higher up I thought that water would of made out better seeing how it's usually 10 to 15 colder. AL
  4. Hate to say it, But I'm glad I caught this cold now. I'll be over it in 3-4 days max and we should have some nice cold temps by then. Lets hope this is the last thaw till mid March!
  5. Albert

    What did Santa leave?

    My other half bought Thunders old Clam Fish Trap Pro with some xtra's thrown in from my buddy Thunder. She also got me 2 new custom ice rod and reels (rods curtousy of Thunder once again). And the best part is she gave me the go ahead for a new VX-1. Can't help but love a woman like her. She loves to eat what I shoot and catch, that and it helps keep me outa trouble!
  6. Hey Thunder are you going out tomorrow? Would like to hook up sometime this weekend if possible and break my own cherry.
  7. Todd, I'm working on it, hope to hear something soon on it. How do you do the smiley faces?
  8. To all my friends that I hope to make, have a Merry Christmas and may the majority of your presents be the hard water toys you've been longing for!!
  9. Hi Guys, I'm new to this hard water fun and wanted to buy a humminbird ff525 with 2000 watts peak to peak. A buddy of mine told me that most of the guys I'll be with use the LX-5 and with me be surrounded with them that it will really cause havick with any digital. So he told me to get a VX-1, I'd much rather have the 525 if possible. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanx, AL
  10. Albert


    Timmy can you help me out, I put up the wrong screen name and am wondering if there is a way that I can change it. I can't stand Albert as a name. Thanx, AL
  11. Albert


    Tim, you heard from Todd? How are they doin on Yellow tape? This is Al , I bought Todd's old pro hut. I'm just getting started in this hard water fun. I'd love to be out there with those guys, but most of my gear is at Todd's still.