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  1. RiverWrat

    Northland Whistler Jigs

    I dont know of anywhere in the metro area, but I just picked some up today at Cabelas in owatonna. You might want to try fleet farm as well.
  2. Whats a ghost carp?? It would be cool to catch a mirror carp
  3. It was probably some type of Koi, probably from someone who bought one for a fish tank or outdoor pond and didn't want it anymore. Koi are basically regular scaled common carp bred in fancy colors. Rumor has it when these fish breed in the wild (if they make it...their bright color leaves them open to predators) after a generation or 2 they revert back to the normal bronze color of common carp.
  4. RiverWrat

    Carp Tournament Series

    I didn't know Volney had a healthy carp population. Looks like a really nice little lake. How are the other lakes in the region? many carp in the cannon lakes chain? gormon, sabre, tetonka, sakatah etc..? In recent years there has been carp tournaments in the united states and some have pots of large sums of money. Mostly put on by the carp anglers group and american carp society, many from the UK have even traveled to take part. Theres over 12,000 lakes in this state...no reason why a few can't be devoted to carp/buffalo angling.
  5. RiverWrat

    very cold day! but great fishng

    You make me want to get out there and start fishing....What type of bait were you using if you don't mind me asking??
  6. RiverWrat

    how to carp fish

    Well your probably going to find as many techniques as you do fishermen....Alot can depend on the type of water your fishing, generally some type of slip-sinker rig with sweet corn or nightcrawlers is the most common, others swear by the hair-rig. I also know alot of anglers fly fish to persue carp.
  7. RiverWrat

    Carp Pictures From This Year

    How do you go about targeting river carp as opposed to lake/backwater carp? I know a spot on a river that contains a hole with fallen trees thats just downstream from a small feeder creek, In which I have seen carp numorous times, but have failed at getting them to bite using both nightcrawlers and angleworms...a few times plunking it right down in front of their faces. The water was high at the time so maybe that had something to do with it, it would be interesting to try to chum the area a little just to see if that would get them in the mood.
  8. RiverWrat

    Carp Pictures From This Year

    Those are some nice chunky looking carp..Bet they fought hard! Judging from your net and unhooking mat you've taken a more serious approach to carp fishing. If you don't mind me asking what techniques worked the best for you this summer? on the fly? boillies? sweet corn? boiled feed corn? live bait? etc...