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  1. jason - for you and all the people that helped with this event.thanks for taking your time for the goodness of somebody else.
  2. hi fmers- anybody out there can tell me good lakes to fish after dark in chisago area? what to use and how deep to fish? any help would be great. thanks 1eye6
  3. hey blaze - i e-mailed you yesterday to get pictures of your boat to just let you know. 1eye6 [This message has been edited by 1eye6 (edited 07-20-2004).]
  4. Mr.Waldowski - I had it hanging off a crestliner 1700 superhawk. 1eye6 p.s I am selling the motor because i got a great deal on a 4st from my friend who had to sell it because of a divorce. [This message has been edited by 1eye6 (edited 04-21-2004).]
  5. Anybody out there? If in need for a motor,you can not beat the quality or price on this outboard. 1eye6
  6. Dear forum users - I will sell my 2003 yamaha 90hp 2 stroke, electric trim and tilt with controls and hydrofoil,and 1 year and 5 month warranty with only 10 hours on motor, that has a 20 inch shaft and is oil injected, and has no choke, just turn the key and it starts,and weighs only 261 pounds, that has no tax to pay,for the very,very,low price of $4300. thanks gang! [This message has been edited by 1eye6 (edited 04-15-2004).]
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    What is the best all around jig to use.I jig fish very little,but want to do more.I use only gum ball jigs from northland. thanks
  8. 1eye6

    Slip Bobbering?

    Hey ice guy,do you have a problem with line tangeling when you cast? if not, what style of slip bobber do you use? thanks for the response. p.s do you use the bobbers where the line goes trough the middle or just on the bottom? THANKS [This message has been edited by 1eye6 (edited 04-11-2004).]
  9. 1eye6


    Happy easter to you all! Just remember,if it was not for the big guy upstairs and his son,nothing would be possible.I hope everybody has a great year fishing and be friendly on the lake.Don`t let a few jerks ruin your day.All and all, fishermen and women are good people.
  10. 1eye6

    Slip Bobbering?

    any help would be great.is it better to use your line right to the hook or use a swivel with a leader for slipping? i ask this because i was told when using a leech,with out a swivel,your line gets twisted. is this true? thanks
  11. northlander- read my post on 3-2.everything you want to know is on there.have a good one. 1eye6 p.s The motor has a 20 inch shaft and is oil injected,no choking this motor,just turn the key. [This message has been edited by 1eye6 (edited 04-10-2004).]
  12. I will go $4595 for my motor.You will find no better deal anywhere.For details,go to my 3-2 post.Open water is here,YES!!. 1eye6
  13. Kurtkonold - I am going to a four stroke.I bought it from a friend who had to get rid of it.I am selling it for that reason.Got a good deal from my friend.Was very happy with my yamaha.Call a dealer,and ask what they think of the yami 90 hp 2 stroke. Have a good one. 1eye6 [This message has been edited by 1eye6 (edited 04-02-2004).] [This message has been edited by 1eye6 (edited 04-02-2004).]
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