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  1. mosquitoman

    Boat Splash Guards???

    sorry for the unclear post.... i know they wont slow me down at all. that is why i have started backtrolling more to get to the slower speed i like to troll at. i am looking at the guards to prevent water from coming in my boat. thanks for all the input!
  2. mosquitoman

    Boat Splash Guards???

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out by giving me some advice or pointing me in the right direction. I do a lot of backtrolling now that I upgraded from a 14'/3hp boat to a 16'/30hp. the larger motor can't quite get slow enough for my taste so I have been considering splash guards. I have thought about making my own but from past projects I can only assume that wont turn out very well. the only place I have found that is local is Whitecap MFG in Shakopee..... has anyone ever bought from them? anyone know of others that make/sell them? any info would be greatly appreciated!
  3. mosquitoman

    got a vexilar cold snap bib

    i have the jacket and the bibs. i have been out in some cold windy weather fishing in ND and have never felt more comfortable.
  4. mosquitoman

    How big of a perch is "mountable"

    i think what everyone is trying to tell him is that there is no size requirement for mounting any fish. its all up to the person holding the fish to determine if it is "large enough." there really isnt a yes or no answer, so if he wants too they are telling him to mount it.
  5. mosquitoman

    How big of a perch is "mountable"

    i say go for it. about 10 years ago i was in an ice fishing tourny and i caught the biggest walleye..... a whopping 14"er! part of my "prize" was that my winning fish was mounted for me. it is a small walleye compared to the typical "trophy" but it looks really nice and fits great in my small office at work. i get jokes about it but every time i see it it reminds me of the important things in life - FISHING!
  6. mosquitoman

    Do people go fishing by themselves this time of year?

    i am another solo guy 75% of the time. i do invite my brothers, dad, and even my mom almost every time i go out but with everyone working and having different schedules i spend a lot of time alone or with the dog. even when i lived in ND and had a buddy who i would go with all the time, we still both brought our own portables and would fish in different houses and sometimes even split up on the lake to try different spots and then call the other if they were on the fish.
  7. mosquitoman

    Purchasing a Handhelp GPS

    well, i have a Lowrance H2Oc with a Navionics map chip. its not the best GPS unit on the market by any means but it has worked great for me fishing both in the summer and winter. they are easy to use and not too much money. I actually think Garmin has better units that are a little more hi-tech but i have not thought twice about my lowrance unit!
  8. mosquitoman

    wheel house trailer frame?

    thanks for the info guys!
  9. mosquitoman

    wheel house trailer frame?

    i dont know if there is already an active topic about this, i couldnt find anything in any of my searches.... i am planning on building an ice house and I'm shopping around for a good trailer frame that can be lowered to the ice. does anyone know of a place that sells quality trailer frames for a good price within 2 hrs of the twin cities? thanks for any info!
  10. mosquitoman

    devils lake?

    i like woodland.... i have never actually used any of their services except for stopping in and buying a few snacks or their cleaning house. Pete's bait shop can tell you a few good places to go also. and not to steal your topic but is anyone going to the tournament this weekend? i am leaving the cities tomorrow morning brite and early. not looking forward to the drive, it was a lot easier when i lived in fargo.