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  1. Bucksnort101

    another given sunday -Go Vikes

    I think the Queens are trying to get out of the game a Football and going into automobile racing instead. Seems to be a couple guys that can really drive fast on this team.
  2. Slow. Opening morning I spent in the outhouse with food poisoning. Hunted a 120 Acre plot of public land. Gets some pressure from Rifle season and bird hunters. Deer seem to be hangning around in the swamps and cattails this time of year. Hard to push them out and see them with only a couple people in your hunting party. Movement also seems to be pretty much nocturnal.
  3. Bucksnort101

    Thermos bottles

    My Father uses the Thermos "Nissan" bottles and swears by them. Keeps his coffee hot for well over 4 hours. He uses the small model so not sure how the bigger ones perform, but sure they are comparable. Only drawback is they are pretty expensive.
  4. Bucksnort101


    Last year I saw Ice houses on Rush Lake when I was out hunting deer on Muzzleloader opener on Thanksgiving weekend. Couple years ago I remember Ice Fishing on North Lindstrom Lake on Thanksgiving Weekend as well. I remember back in the early to mid 80's is was not un-common to be out on the Ice on Thanksgiving weekend. For a few years it was hard to get on a lake before Christmas!!!
  5. Bucksnort101


    Just curious if anyone else has ordered one of Kahnke's Muzzleloaders. It's on my short list of new ML's for next year.
  6. As stated above, not much time so best to keep it simple for now. Not familair with the Traditions ML, but I assume it will take 150 grains of powder? If so go with either Triple 7 or Pyrodex Pellets for now (my buddy swears Pyrodex is easier to clean). They come in both 30 and 50 grain pellets, may be beneficial to buy a pack of each, depending on how much you want to spend. You will need to work up a load for you're particular ML as most seem to shoot just a little different. If it were me I'd start with one of the previously mentioned bullets, I like the TC Shockwaves, probably a 250 Grain for Deer sized animals. I'd start with the heaviest load of powder recommended for you're ML (150 grains?) and work my way down from there. If you can't seem to get a goot pattern with one type of bullet, try a second type and see if it improves. That is the reason I suggest getting both the 30 and 50 grain pellets, it lets you fine tune a bit more. I use loose powder in my ML so I can really fine tune my powder load, but that takes some time, a lot of shooting, and quite a bit of cash!!! I assume you are going to pick up your supplies from the GM in Forest Lake? They should have everything you need there. I'll be stopping there on this Saturday to pick up some additional ML stuff. Good luck.
  7. Bucksnort101


    I got to thinking about this and my previous response. Do you know who loaded the shot that is in the ML? Three years ago gives you plenty of time to forget. If your friend loaded it, did he put too much powder in, maybe got distracted and put in a double load of powder? Was the powder Pryodex, Triple 7, or just plain old Black Powder. In any case has it attracted moisture (probably not) and caused some corrosion in the gun (again, probably not but I'd rather be on the safe side here). If I was confident there was not an excessive load of powder in the gun I would not hesitate to shoot it, but in this case there may be some doubt. After thinking about it I guess if it were me I'd pull the breech plug and take the powder out, then use your ramrod to push the bullet out. Once again making sure there is no primer in the Rifle. Clean it up well afterwards. P.S. I probably wouldn't loose a friend over this, but I probably wouldn't loan him my ML again as stated by others.
  8. Bucksnort101


    Shoot it, clean it, reload it. I don't think you'll have any problem dealing with it either way, unless you have a ramrod that is made out of flint, then you might have a problem;) Seriously, as long as you make sure there is not primer in the ML or are opening it up near a heat sourse or open flome you should not have any problems taking the breech out, pouring out the old powder, pushing out the bullet and then starting over, but if it were me I'd just take the easy road and shoot it out of there and clean it up.
  9. Not sure, only thing that makes sense to me is each magazine loads the bullet a little differently and maybe one is gouging each bullet as it loads and affecting its flight somewhat. I vauguely remember them stating that the difference in spring tension from one magazine to another affect each bullet as it loads and causes the bolt to seat a little different each time. Really did not make much sense to me. I'm going to try the test again next summer, on a good bench rest and see if the results are the same.
  10. You might want to try this as well. I read several years ago that two or more different magazines used in the same 7400 rifle cause groupings of bullets to be different. Being skeptical I put numbered stickers on my two magazines and headed to the range. Found it to be somewhat true. Got magazine #1 zeroed, then switched to magazine #2. Lower group and slightly left. Switched back to magazine #1 and was center again. Not sure what the reason was but it seemed to hold true. I still would not hesitate to use magazine #2, but make sure I use #1 first.
  11. Congrats on the new Magazine, I suspect that will solve your problem. Hope you didn't put too much oil down into that Magazine as it will catch all the dirt and dust particles that float into it. If I remember correctly the 7400 manual states not to oil it at all, I'll have to double check that. I've never oiled mine, but periodically have blown them out with the air-compressor and have never had a problem with them. Only issues I've had is when I've tried to slowly and quietly load a round otherwise they tend to jam up on the top of the receiver. Bolt needs to be cycled pretty quickly for a bullet to load properly. Good luck, hopefully you only need one shot anyway;)
  12. I also shoot a .30-06 7400 and it has been very reliable as well. I did notice I get slightly different bullet grouping from one clip to the other. I had a jam this past weekend myself. Went to register a deer and threw my magazine in my pants pocket, which I normally don't do. Registered the deer, picked up a can of soda and went on my way. Next morning could not get a bullet to load into the rifle, jammed halfway up into the chamber, same as JacobMHD mentions. Get everything out and tried again. Same thing. Then noticed something Copper colored in the chamber/Magazine. Was a Penny from the previous days change from a dollar bill stuck in there. That's precisely why I don't put my magazine in my pants pockets. Thanfully I managed to get the largest Deer I've ever shot about a half an hour later;)
  13. Sounds to me like either the Magazine needs to be cleaned or replaced. You would be suprised how much junk get down into the magazine. They can be torn apart and cleaned, but getting the spring back in can be troublesome. Most likely the spring in the magazine has gotten weak. Have you tried another Magazine in the Rifle? If a second one works then you know it's the magazine and not the Rifle itself. If a second magazine does not solve the problem then it's hard to tell what's going one. Possible the hole in the barrel that vent's the gas in order to cycle the bolt is dirty. It also needs to be cleaned out periodically as well. I suspect week spring in the magazine that is not pushing up on the third cartridge enough to fully load it into the chamber. Clean it, if that doesn't work go pick up another Magazine.
  14. Bucksnort101

    Antler mounting on board ??

    As Huntnfish said get the skin and hair off the skull as soon as possible. If left too long it is pretty much imposible to remove (I know, I let one go too long and it will not come off). Just peel the skin off as best you can with a pliers, knife, and by hand. I then clean as much meat and brains off the skull as possible and then boil the remaining skull portion the rack ataches to. You don't need to boild the whole rack. This boiling cooks any remaining flesh and it usually pulls off pretty easily. You can bleach the skull as well, but don't find I need to since it is covered usually. Hope this helps. Congradulate your nephew on his first archery buck.
  15. Bucksnort101

    field dressing a deer

    If you've ever cleaned a duck the smell of a deer will not bother you;) Like others said roll up your sleeves and take your time. One tool I like to use to split the pelvis and chest cavity is a little Gerber E-Z Saw.