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  1. I just happen to have just what your lookin for, an Otter cabin seating for 2, enough room for 3 insulated 9000 denier, brand new used for 45 min for a filming on LOW, tow bar, cover, rod holders, all included it is located at LOW right now in my snowmobile trailer at the wigwam I want 800.00 for it cash, I spent over a thousand on it with the reciept...call me if interested I have other models available also, such as the resort all decked out seats 3-4 very big and warm too 1200 for it all loaded with otter combo hitch, bars on bottom, custom cover ready to fish...18669655541 toll free charlie is my name and Im in Cedar Rapids Iowa for a few minutes lol
  2. Charlie kempf

    First Wheel House Construction (Advice Please?)

    your doing a great job, Im getting ready to build me a condo ice house, I spend alot of time on the ice and I plan on being confortable, with a grandson spending alot of time with me this coming winter Im keeping it all simple fast and easy, and of course safe, as I seen in them pictures of a little one, I encourage you to consider some kind of useful fishing covering for the hole, so I put together a deal you know the wire shelves in your refrigerator, I put hinges on them plus I can fish with them covering the hole, no lost articles that seem to flop in the hole especially when your not looking, if I catch a fish I just lift the cover, Ive built several ice houses and learn alot from each one, I own a roofing co. also you will want to put terminator bars on your roof to prevent the wind from ripping it off plus you will never have any leaks, screwing a 2x3 is only asking for leaks in the long run, no need for any caulk on the roof as long as its gued down, what about a roof vent man your gonna cook in there, I dont use rubber no more epdm I use torch down, but you had better know what your doing or you set the place on fire, dont forget carbon monoxide detector, and a fire extinguisher.
  3. Charlie kempf

    showers for ice fishing trailers

    hey bryce what brand or model is that a picture of you have posted, thats pretty cool lookin, Im dreamin of something with slide outs too, any info would be appreciated. thanks charlie
  4. Charlie kempf

    Rain gear to avoid?

    I reccomend the cabelas brand, or the helly hansen rain gear, I own both sets the truth is the helly hansen is the best but not everyone can afford them, I cant go without them as I fish lake Erie almost all the time, I get wet about everytime there.
  5. Charlie kempf

    Leadcore question?

    Sorry gang I have been vacant for awhile, actually Ive been to lake Erie fishing my buns off, Well I fish the 15 or 18 it is more than enough, Ive never had afish break off of lead core line, it is actually stronger than you would imagine, also I use no knots, meaning this if you take a 4 ft piece of flourcarbon and tie a little knot on one end and force it in the end of the led core it will lock in the led core I think alot of guys use a small swivel to attach to the led core, I dont do that, once you get this down you will be impressed with the results you get from led core, have confidence in what your doing.
  6. Charlie kempf

    tundra pull behind

    I would think a bigger truck would pull alot easier, depends where your going, ie. up hills and stuff, keep in mind gear ratios to it all makes your trip alot easier. But I would guess you would be fine though.
  7. Charlie kempf

    Gulp Alive

    Im a firm believer that if you have confidence in what bait your using, your going to catch fish, there is no live bait allowed in my boat for the past fifteen years, I spray that nightcrawler juice all over everything I use(hair jigs,ring worms,even crankbaits,all my spoons, BERKLEY products makes fish bite great, somedays its fast some slow, youve got to experiment to find what works for you and you too will consider live bait cheating, good luck have CONFIDENCE.
  8. Charlie kempf

    Mr. BigBuddy in a Claim Guide

    I use the big buddy and the little buddy, being a full time guide it is necessary to keep your clients comfortable, I testify there is none better as Ive tried them all, hats off to big buddy, couldnt survive without them.
  9. Charlie kempf

    Building my first permanent shack

    your gonna want to spray the bottom with foam or put in sheets, it is very important to knock down the cold coming up from the floor, it will suprise a guy, maybe that why your having trouble with your heat situation. Ive got four inches of foam between my floor thermostat is set on 68 and hardly turns on at all.
  10. Charlie kempf

    siding for a fish house

    how about abc supply
  11. Charlie kempf

    wheel house vs skid house

    I agree, wheel house will be more easily managed, Ive had both fish all over the country, wheel house is the way to go.
  12. Charlie kempf

    Flexable Gas Hose

    tractor supply and menards has the black ones, I got 12 footers and they work great,good luck.
  13. Charlie kempf

    Big Walleye

    wow what a beuty, dont know you but I go fishing at lake erie at least 70 times per year, mostly by myself, if you ever want company or want to go with me let me know, was thinking of coming out this weekend, go out of cranberry creek to catawba islands, kellys island get big walleyes and perch through the ice, last year we caught a hundred fish in a day it is fun to catch and release them rascals, would like to come out to oneida, let me know, Im not afraid to travel.
  14. Charlie kempf

    Wheeled house Craftsmanship and Quality???

    Being kinda handy and skilled I looked them over really good and must admit there are alot of junk out there, I built my own and am very satisfied with the performance of it, it is 6.5x16, I baught an enclosed v nose trailer and custom made the drop down axles and tongue, of course I had to beef up the frame, Ive got six holes two beds and all the likings of home, recently put in a 18000 empire heater man is it nice, gonna build an 8x30 hydraulic frame now, country welding in stanwood Iowa is doing the welding.feel free to e-mail me with any questions. till then good luck.
  15. Charlie kempf

    Icegator review

    being a proud owner of an icegator, I got to tell you how simply nice it is to fall through the ice, faster than you can blink, it is perfect for ice trailers, shacks, no fumes no burning eyes, no lost heat, Ive had mine for two years now, no problem with the batteries, the cold will zap em a little faster, but gary is coming out witha battery blanket to keep em warm, it is a good investment, I use mine everyday, no complaints well satisfied, I rate this item a 10.