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  1. Hi I am hoping someone can assist. I have a GE GSS25UFMD Fridge (sxs). The freezer is working, the damper does not let cold air into fridge. The thermistor ohms OK, if you turn the Fresh Food dial to 0, the damper closes (so the motor works), no abnormal ice build up really. Door switches seem to operate OK. Any thoughts on additional troubleshooting?
  2. I need some quick help. Does anyone no where to find Butchers BBQ pork injection other than online? Are there any specialty shops that carry it? Any help would be great. If not, whats the best/quickest online option(s)?
  3. I would suppose that most sportsman utilize whatever they shoot, they must be eating them, otherwise it would be wonton waste I suppose?!?! How do the pups taste?
  4. WOW. No "cougar" jokes yet. I agree that a different photo needs to be taken in the same location, holding a hard stick along side of a visible leg, since we are not sure if your sister or her husband are midgets.
  5. Cougar. Typically with digital cameras, one would take a large number of photos of something like this. Does she have additional ones, blurry or not? I would still report this to the DNR. It would be kind of scary with a 2 year old out there paying hide-n-go-seek in the trees.
  6. Just a reminder that Garlic Fest is this weekend in Hutchinson. There is a 2 for 1 admission on their HSOforum.
  7. Hi, Posting this for someone else as google has actually failed me this time. Where is the water intake, on the lower unit? Not the physical location of the intake, but where the water goes in? Anyone have any ideas? I have not seen the motor, but he says it does not look like it has the somewhat "standard" on the side of the lower unit. Thanks in advance....
  8. You should dilute the Star Brite to at least 2-1 water. Other wise you may etch a little too much. I do have a questions though, once you clean the aluminimum, so it is sparkling clean, how do you protect it from getting dirty the next time. Seems like mine was clean for 2 days and then returned to the same old. Wax? Polish? What?
  9. Also, if you do not have spark, it might not be your coil pack. I troubleshot a similar issue on my 99 Artic in which it was the carb shuttoff sensor cable. It would run intermittently and then died finally.Not sure if you have the "tip over sensor" or not. Even though it took my 8 hours, I was sure happy when I found out it was only 10 bucks for a used cable assembly.
  10. Nice Fish. Might wanna read the no-doz package though. I think it says do not take more than 5, or your eyes might pop out.
  11. Looks awesome, however, after reading the topic at first glance, I was very hesitant to open this thread!
  12. Well, he should be safe now!! From Kare 11 RED WING, Minn. -- A man suspected of poaching a record eight-point whitetail buck in Goodhue County is changing the story he told to Department of Natural Resource investigators. Troy Alan Reinke initially told the DNR he killed the deer with a bow and arrow while hunting on Halloween. The DNR went back to Reinke after finding fragments in the animal's hide, which confirmed the buck had been killed by a firearm. The Star Tribune now reports that the 32-year-old Cannon Falls man says he found the deer after someone else killed it. Reinke is charged with 13 misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors for poaching the buck, as well as two other deer. Reinke could legally kill only one deer during the season. Goodhue County prosecutors have charged Reinke with 13 counts of illegally killing all three deer. They will review the additional information and decide whether to file additional charges.
  13. If you responded to the add, you would most likely run into an undercover CO or possibly could be game farm like Old World Venison. Did they say they shot it in the ad? I see no ads looking to sell, but I do see people willing to barter for some chops.
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