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  1. Used my strikelite for the first time yesterday. Air temp was right around 0. Started second pull cold. It cut amazingly. May not be as fast as say a 3hp strikemaster. But it pulled itself right thru the ice. I did find that I cant have the gas cap cranked on tight or it stalls under load. Loosened it a hair and it solved that issue. You think the gas cap would have a vent. Overall im pleased.
  2. Gotta love the monkey see monkey do mentality right jbmasterangler? First vehicle out was probably a honda civic. Next one was a single cab s10. Next thing you know you have 1 ton duallys going 40 across the lake with their 20 foot wheel houses hooked up. I just hope no one pays ultimate price for some fish.
  3. Id venture to guess its a battery issue as well. Sometimes the battery will bulge out and it wont be perfectly flat anymore. That is for sure sign of a junk battery. It will almost look like it wants to explode. Try a buddies known good battery to see if it fixes. Then I would see about trying a known good transducer. See if that fixes it. Only after those two troubleshoots would I send it in or take somewhere. If you dont have access to those I would just go to a busy lake and find someone with one. Offer them a beer or a few bucks to do the swaps. Id help you if you approached me. And im sure a lot of others will to. Good luck.
  4. I only buy minnows when targeting walleye. It seems like panfish feed on so many small creatures under the ice. Waxies/larva or goofy plastics seem to suffice.
  5. mww24

    Best ice cleats

    I have the ice trekker diamond ones. I love them. The first set I bought was a large size and the rubber by the toe broke the first time. I have Irish setter boots that have a "king toe" that is very wide for thick socks. My boots were on the high end for what the large size is compatible for. I exchanged them for a Xtra large size and havent had problems with breaking or them being to loose. Bring your boots to try whatever brand you decide to buy. Make sure they aren't to tight or to loose. i passed on the kahtoolas because I wanted to be able to just leave them on my boots since I really only wear that pair for ice fishing. And I can drive with the ice trekkers on. One less thing to do before hitting the ice.
  6. id go to red or winnie before i went to mille lacs. unless driving far is that big of problem. but it seems like you just want more fishing time than anything.
  7. just got my 8" hondalite yesterday. started right up. purred like a kitten. seems constructed amazingly. it is quieter at full throttle than my 2 stroke was at idle. havent drilled yet. but so far im glad i ponied up and bought it. cant comment on jiffy. have never used or even held one. just my first impressions on the strikemaster. i think i will be happy even if it cuts a bit slower than a bigger h.p. 2 stroke
  8. a third vote for the fenwick elite tech. i use a 26" medium light for perch and eyes great rod. st. croix premier are o.k. i own a few but think the money could be spent elsewhere instead of on a st croix. the 13 are nice to. personally the 2 jason mitchells ive owned have not been good to me. one broke on a hook set. the other one the guides were not put on straight. ive heard great things about TFO ice rods designed by gary loomis. but have not fished one. or you could get a guft card for your gift and then add a bit of your money to get into a non custom thorne bros rod. they really do take the cake. i believe a stock perch or walleye sweetheart with non recoil guides is around 60-70$.so not a ton of cash out of your pocket.
  9. i have the grey ice armor. bought it the first year it came out. its still going strong with no rips or issues. a guy i work with has an even older ice armor blue suit than mine and he likes it. i bet either euit will do its intended job. i would go try the ones your interested in and go with the best fit along with what suit seems to have better fabric and zippers. they arr spendy so i want mine to be tough and fit perfect. the ice show is a great idea. you will save money and be able to try all the options
  10. I used the St. croix legend rods with built on spring bobbers for a few years. They worked great. Then I bought a power noodle from Thorne Bros. The spring bobber rods still get fished but not nearly as much anymore. I also have a super sensitive quiver stick from thorne bros that I use for more aggressive panfish jigging that a spring bobber would be bouncing to much if used. That rod is amazing for feeling bites. But sometimes with real light biting crappies a noodle rod or spring is almost a necessity. I have also tried many of the add to your rod spring bobbers bought off the shelf. Every one has been garbage.
  11. thats what I figured super duty. 5 fish for 30. I honestly could see it happening if they were still pre spawn and someone had a lights out day. but I figured a sack of 5 that big would have been all over the net.
  12. 5 fish limit per team? That is a huge 5 fish sack.
  13. mww24

    998 SI mounting

    if you need to make and special brackets or shields to mount it bassfishin. I may be able to help you out. Thats my line of work and I have access to high quality stainless and all the tools to make custom parts. We've done some similar stuff before.
  14. mww24

    Bass boat?

    Definitely go with a 52" trolling motor if you only fish big water. Im assuming your a muskie fisherman so you'll probably not be in a ton of really shallow water. You can always raise a longer shaft but can never extend a short one. Ive taken my 17.5' footer on mille lacs in stuff where I disappear in between waves. Id guess you need to "drive" the boat a bit more in rough stuff than a big deep boat because you cant just plow through the waves or you will spear them easier than in a deeper boat. The other thing I would recommend would be a 4 blade prop in a bit smaller pitch than the 3 blade a bass boat will probably come with. You'll give up top end but gain on responsiveness and handling with the 4 blade.
  15. mww24

    Ice out techniques

    If Ice is out in west central wisconsin I plan on heading over there for their opener. If the water temps are high 30s low 40s. I will be fishing super slow I'd assume. Probably start with a jerkbait with short twitches and long pauses. Or dragging a jig in deeper water. Or live bait under a bobber drifting with the wind. Live bait is a last resort. But I'm guessing cold water with the fish not even considering spawning yet may make wisconsins opener difficult. Im really hoping that the spawn is in full swing come MN opener though. For whatever reason I've never really had the oppurtunity to fish the beds.
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