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  1. Abndoc

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Eaten good this winter!! Congrats!
  2. Abndoc

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Archerysniper...How was your trip?? My son and I leave in 12 days for Montana.
  3. Abndoc

    How Would You Handle This.

    Well I couldn’t make it over there yesterday, so my son went over today after school to tell her thank you but he’s going to take his stand down. After a 30 mins conversation with her, he now gained bow hunting, shotgun hunting and turkey season next spring. She told him that he has permission as does the other gentleman and don’t worry about it. This is where it gets good. Cole went out to his stand and guess who shows up asking what he’s doing. The other “kid”. Asking why he is back out there, Cole explained to him that he talked with the land owner and sees no reason why they both can’t be out there. The guy stormed off. So I called him a while ago.....yes the first 15 mins were not some of my best moments, but I finally was able to get to the bottom of his problem. He’s never shot a deer, he’s never shot anything and only took up hunting 3 years ago. Whoever has been “coaching” him has given him some very bad information. Told him things that I’ve never even heard of. So I told him not only will we help set you up, but we will move your stands into good spots, I will hang a double set if wanted and either myself or my son would be glad to sit with you and help walk you through the first time, video tape it and even offered to let him come sit in my ground blind on my field and get him a shot a doe any night. We are all meeting tomorrow night so i can go over some maps with him and show him where I would put my stands at if I were him. I told Him instead of running my son off who could a complete asset to him, learn from him. He might be only 15 but he’s a wealth of knowledge and loves everything about hunting, not just the killing part. He just wants to be in the woods and help others. Looks like a bad situation may turn into a good one. I hope at some point this fall I can post a picture of my son guiding this gentleman to his first archery deer.
  4. Abndoc

    How Would You Handle This.

    Leech- I thought about that same thing. I do not know the guy or the family, so unsure of what the dynamic is there. Thanks for the responses. We are going to head over there this evening and talk with the lady. My plan is take it down either way. If she says he can still hunt, and boot the other guy, or even let them both hunt i dont think if the experience is going to be anything we are looking forward to dealing with. We have 10 acres at our house he's hunting too, and going to do some more knocking on doors. I get being protective over his "spot". It just bothers me that he would be so unwilling to allow a 15 yr old to experience what he clearly loves to do. Life will go on. We will be in Montana in Oct, chasing elk and mule deer. He wont be missing out! Those bucks are roaming the river bottom we live on, maybe the ultimate revenge will be having a chance to shoot one of them on our own land we are grooming for wildlife together.
  5. My 15 year old son knocked on a neighbors door about 1/2 mile from our house. She is 85 and owns around 120 acres. He's been watching 2 nice bucks all summer long. She gave him permission and said one other neighborhood kid is hunting it also but lots of land shouldn't be an issue. He went and hung a stand a few weeks ago. Its the property where he shot the doe off in the previous thread. Well the neighborhood kid turned into be a 50 yr old guy down the road. He showed up at our house last evening, I wasn't home and had a discussion with my wife about how my son shouldn't be out there, has no right to be hunting there and didn't discuss it with him. If he shoots one of the bucks out there, there will be problems. I obviously called the gentleman last night and expressed my distaste for his attitude and his discussion with my wife when she was alone. I also stated we are talking about a 15 yr old kid and I'm proud of the fact he's able to go around knock on doors, ask for permission, share his ability with landowners and get permission all on his own. I talked with my son about it, and told him it would probably be best to not hunt over there and he needs to go take the stand down and move on. He was heartbroken, since he got the permission on his own, put his stand up, cut shooting lanes. I get someone being protective over a spot, I tried to explain to the gentleman that we are talking about a kid. He has the permission to be there. How would you guys handle it.
  6. Abndoc

    Opening Day

    My oldest son took a nice doe this morning. Let his little brother track her. It was fun to watch!!
  7. Abndoc

    Opening Day

  8. Abndoc

    Opening Day

    The first time in at least 15+ years I did not go out. My son is out in the woods somewhere around our house, he texted and hasn’t seen anything yet. Warm temps, mosquitoes and a beautiful bride in my bed I haven’t seen much of lately due to traveling for work made an easy decision for me. I hear pots and pans rattling in the kitchen, all the rest of the kids still sleeping. Her and I get to have a nice breakfast alone looking out at the marsh behind our house. It’s a beautiful day! Good luck to everyone out for opener and everyone out on a mountain somewhere listening to that beautiful bugle!! I will be out tomorrow morning!
  9. Abndoc

    Opening Day

    Good Luck to both of you! Cant wait to hear about your trips! I'm jealous! Last year was my first trip out west chasing elk. We had a blast- something so special about being in those mountains hunting! Learned a ton last year, hopefully even more this year. I think my son has been packed for 2 months! Stay safe, have fun!
  10. Abndoc

    Opening Day

    Cheetah- Good Luck!! I would leave today for Montana if I could....Have a blast!!
  11. Abndoc

    Opening Day

    Well we are few short days away from our favorite season...Who will be heading out opening day? Looks the temps are going to be warm all week, I'm going to head out opening morning to my favorite spot in WIS, just to get that feeling. We moved back to Minnesota this year and have our own paradise in Isanti on the Rum. My family is looking forward to hunting our own land this year!! My son took a beautiful tom off it this spring! We have a huge herd of does and fawns living on it with some nice bucks just starting to show up. Should be exciting come the rut! Taking my 15 year old to Montana for Rifle Elk/Deer combo at the end of Oct. Should be a great fall!! Good luck to everyone and stay safe!
  12. Abndoc

    Donating your deer this season

    I really could care less if someone likes to hunt but doesn't like to eat it. I love venison and can't get enough it but someone chooses to donate I have no problem with it. A hungry child is getting a meal that might not get one that night and it's going to be a healthy meal. I just get tired of people constant bashing on here because they share different beliefs. If we are going to hammer on eat what you kill, then we also better get on the grizzly bear hunters, what are they doing with that meat?? Everyone views hunting different, some chase meat, some chase trophies, some go because of tradition. Some it's just a release from our crazy lives. About 5 years ago this page was awesome guys sharing great info because we all had a love for the outdoors..view points might be different but it wasn't a consistent bashing session, now it's turned into a page for trolling and arrogance. It's actually pretty sad.
  13. Abndoc

    Donating your deer this season

    This is the exact reason why this page in my mind has fallen apart. I rarely come on here anymore because one guy puts up a post about donating deer and then has justify himself to a bunch of critics on what's right or wrong. Rather donate to the needy that throw it away. How many guys let their deer go to waste every year in the freezer??? He's was posting public information for those that might be interested. Thanks for info RK! How many guys are out hunting for horns compared to those hunting for meat?? Grow up
  14. Abndoc

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    Just an record week for me and my family...all back swimming
  15. What a year- no monsters but all trophies in my book. My 12 yr old and I started the year off doubling up on does opening day, his first with a bow. I got both of my 5 yr old twins in the bow stand and both saw deer each time out, but we had more fun throwing acorns at those pesky squirrels. I was able to take an old busted 8 ptr with my bow the first week in Nov. Opening weekend(wis) my 12 year old got himself a nice 9 ptr. My 10 yr old and I then hunted hard the rest of the week. Had a few misses, some tears and a bunch of laughs. My 5 year old daughter was in the stand on one of the misses and fell asleep never waking up during the shot. Well last night it all came together and he harvested his first deer an hr before the season closed. Again more tears and hugs and high fives. It was a year of firsts and many memories were made. My wife will never see this but a special thanks to her for allowing me to spend countless hrs doing what I love with my kids....only around 290 days until we start all over again!!