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  1. Good luck everyone this fall and stay safe. My son and I take off friday for Idaho....tick tock!!
  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! Was that around your neighborhood?? I saw a big one cross Hwy 5 about 2 weeks ago next to Houck's farm
  3. Slow cook in a crockpot one stick of butter, 2 ranch packets. Shredd it up. Bun, horseradish, havarti cheese. Yum yum
  4. Geez of course the one year I forget to sign up the kid and I got it done. He got a bonus when he called in this coyote to 10 yards!! Good luck to those still out there!
  5. Bakkens In Stanchfield just north of Cambridge. One of the best I’ve dealt with ever!
  6. It definitely was an adventure. My wife wasn't to thrilled finding me looking up wall tents to buy for next year. Hoping we get drawn for Montana again and I can leave Idaho alone for a year or so.
  7. Update is we are home and alive!!! We left Friday Oct 11 with plans to shoot across S. Dakota...once we got down there the roads were ice covered so we headed down to Nebraska and across I-80 to Salt Lake City before heading north. We got a room, shower, and some dinner before heading up the mountain first thing Sunday morning. I've never been to Idaho and hadn't talk many folks that had, so we decided to use an outfitter this year for a drop camp. I can't say enough about the guy we used. Tents were setup....fully stocked. Wood split and even supplied our food and when I say fo
  8. We leave in 7 hours for a back country hunt in Idaho. Mother nature has already thrown us a curve ball with the weather...we've decided to change our route and head down through South Dakota and across Wyoming. Staying in hotel tomorrow night in Donnelly, Idaho then up the mountain Sunday morning with almost 2 full days to scout before the season opens Tues. After having huge success the last 2 years in Montana..I'm going in with expectations of having a wonderful adventure and any game taken will be an added bonus!
  9. Thoughts and Prayers Sniper!!
  10. 10/4! You guys heading any where this year? We didn’t get drawn for Montana so my son and I are headed to Idaho Oct 11 for a rifle hunt. I’m hoping I can sway my group into an archery hunt out west next year!!
  11. Donbo…..any luck yet???? I'm assuming your probably there right now?!?!
  12. Good luck everyone! I’m stuck in the dakotas for work until Friday! Might try to sneak out Friday evening if I have time, otherwise will be out all weekend with my boys.
  13. Thanks Guys! We made it home yesterday. My son did fill out his deer tag on a mule doe Friday evening. We spent the last few days scouting for next year and meeting some ranchers. My buddy unfortunately was never able to close the deal on an elk, but 2 out of 3 is pretty dang good. The weather was warmer then we would of like, but also beautiful every day. Now its time to start focusing on whitetails. My son was out last night already bowhunting and saw a few younger bucks on their feet during the afternoon, but the big boys in our area seem to be still traveling at night. Go
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