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  1. Wow, I must have a perfect big buddy heater! I hole hop a lot and it is a pain to move as I use my 20# tank instead of small ones but no big deal. I usually only need mine on medium or low in my portable but one night at the end of 2008 ice season I was scouting for a spot and the crappie were stacked up like cordwood, I didnt want to miss the action so I just pulled out the bucket and cranked the heater on high in the open. It started snowing HUGE "chunks" of flakes falling together and got fairly windy and the heater kept me warm as it hissed and popped with the snow peppering the flames. Even though it has been snowed on, blown around, and used a ton it still fires right up and keeps me warm. I will buy another when this one dies! Yes, buy the inline filter if you use refillable tanks!
  2. acman2u

    Rattle Reel in Ice Castle

    You can mount them on the ceiling, wall, where ever you like. I dont have an ice castle but didnt have studs at my holes either so I just mounted a 1x3 across the studs. I also mounted it to a hinge so that I could swing it against the wall when not in use. Good luck.
  3. acman2u

    Crud in L.P. line to furnace

    this is what you need to see before your furnace, it is designed to have most contaminants drop into the leg and gas divert to the furnace. Video is water heater but is exactly the same thing. You will need a flare adapter on the top of the assembly to adapt to your copper line. Good luck http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/...-heater-115475/
  4. acman2u


    Very good price for a complete clean n tune!
  5. acman2u

    High Humidity in my house

    Mnfisher, Just to understand, did the hvac guy reccomend a cold air or combustion air? New code requires a combustion air supply to provide adequate air for proper combustion, older houses did not need them as they "leaked" air, now with the tightness of the houses we need combustion air to the mechanical room. I would also lean towards an air to air but something does not seem right in your situation, your level of RH is just too high. Did the service person check to see if both your furnace and water heater were drafting correctly? Quick check for water heater is to light a match, blow it out, and quick hold it at the vent for the water heater to see if the smoke goes up or into the house. when furnace is running can you feel hot air near top front of the furnace in front of the draft diverter. The level of humidity really points me to your equipment. I hope this helps, please post back as you get more info.
  6. acman2u

    Big Buddy question.

    I will have to check my regulator with the quick connect. I do not believe that there is a filter inside of it but have never checked. The hose is not what produces the oils and contaminants, it is in the tank and pressure has nothing to do with the flow of contaminants in the line, nothing gets squeezed out. Contaminants flow with the gas regardless of the pressure(if they are present in the first place). I'm sure that you can get by without a filter but it will extend the life of the heater.
  7. acman2u

    Big Buddy question.

    I would recommend using the filter even with the regulator, the regulator regulates the flow and does nothing for the contaminants. I run a 20# tank with reg and filter and wouldnt run it any other way. Same goes for the guys with heaters in their perms, make sure to install a dirt leg just before tubing enters your heater to trap any contaminants. just the hvac guys two cents I'm sure life will go on either way you do it..
  8. acman2u

    Non vented furnaces

    just tore out my non vented and replaced it with a vented. I too had to re-arrange the layout of the house but I got sick of the windows sweating and icing up and also had concerns of CO and lack of oxygen (had safty shutoff but still concerned). My new vented needs no power to operate, now I just need to find computer fans to make it more effecient. Good luck
  9. acman2u

    Tip-up lights

    If you have a perm I used to have a panel of 4 lights that would tell me which tip up tripped. Very easy to make, you just get some 18 gauge 2 strand wire, alligator clips, 12 volt bulbs, and a couple of pieces of metal coathanger. First you bend a piece of coathanger into a u shape and attach it into your tip up frame slightly behind and next to the flag on each side so when flag trips it makes good contact with the wire. (either drill small holes and firmly push into wood or melt into plastic depending on model) Attach clips to your alarm wire. I cut my positive side about 6" shorter than the neg to prevent them arcing when they fall to the ground when retreiving a fish. The wire goes into house, attach one lead to your bulb and the other to the battery, then attach other side of bulb to other side of battery. Go outside and attach clips to your flag and attached coathanger and you are done. Flag goes up and light goes on. You can duplicate this for any number of bulbs, and the trigger can also be a spring style clothes pin ends wrapped in wire and clipped to flag, flag pulls out and wires touch. many ways to create a switch, be creative if you dont like my way. It may not be as nice as wireless but it is less than pennies on the dollar in comparison.
  10. acman2u


    I used A-1 in bloomington for boat cushions, going to try them for my shack cushions too.
  11. acman2u

    "friend" of mine is poaching

    Sorry, but I dont understand your reply to my post. What does this have to do with police thinning herds?
  12. acman2u

    "friend" of mine is poaching

    Actually, in Minnetonka the Sniper team gets to go out and hunt the parks and woods every so often. The bummer is that they also have to drag them out to the road and they are taken away for food shelf and hides for habitat or something like that.
  13. acman2u


    I have an electric with an insulated blanket that works nice in the winter but my favorite is my new TRAEGER grill! This thing rocks. You can grill, slow cook and smoke! the unit uses wood pellets so it will keep augering them in at a rate for what you are cooking so no more going out and adding more wood.
  14. acman2u

    Do lanterns attract fish?

    I have a crappie video (one of Al L.) and one scene covered the night bite and was filmed down south. It was pretty amazing, they would set out a floating or submerged light out on the water, after awhile it would draw in the plancton and in turn other baitfish. they would then fish outside of the perimeter of the light where the crappie would lurk using painters lights to shine on their bobbers (no light up bobbers? who knows why). it was pretty interesting.
  15. acman2u

    Do lanterns attract fish?

    Yes, I already agreed with that 2 posts ago, lantern for light=OK, lantern in hole or by itself on ice not illuminating anything that you can legitamize=may have some explaining.