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  1. RylFlsh85

    Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    Just a few of the beauties
  2. RylFlsh85

    Share Photos of your Ice Fish House!!!

    08 ultimate lodge waiting for the big freeze
  3. RylFlsh85


    So how well do they really handle out in the snow, can you put them thru quite a bit?
  4. RylFlsh85

    Lifetime Licenses

    In my mind it is a great investment for younger outdoorsman. I recently purchased a sportsman LTL and it is nice to go in and give them the card and have them print it up for the cost of nothing. Lets face it the price of a license isn't going to go down.
  5. RylFlsh85

    Using minnows to attract larger bluegills

    Found the same thing last weekend, caught a lot of large gills on maggots all year long, then they slowed down so we tried plain #8 hooks and crappie minnows and they were hammering it, lost a few hooks they hit them so hard.
  6. RylFlsh85

    Lowrance XOG vs H2O??

    The picture quality is there and the screen is a bit larger and more clear, but the H2O might be a little more accurate on the lake. The XOG is with-in 25 to 30ft accurate and on the lake thats not so bad but i think that could be closer. Haven't had problems with the screen when we were on the lake.
  7. RylFlsh85

    Recent Ice Fishing Pictures?

    Looks a great day for the both of you, especially for your boy he looks he's having a great time.
  8. RylFlsh85

    New O/U this year?

    I have shot my stoger m-2000 now for three seasons and love it, same action as the SBE, just in a little cheaper case, light enough for me all day, and runs around 400 brand new compared to 1200! Stogers condor O/U got my attention a couple years ago but haven't had the opportunity to handle one or see one in action.
  9. The bug never really leaves, i have to see my vest in the closet every time i go somewhere. If it wasn't for ice fishing i think i would go nuts thinking about the months till next season!
  10. RylFlsh85

    Strike Master to the rescue!!!!!

    I don't think this horse can be beat anymore, if you like jiffy great, if you like SM great, they both have the ability to do what you got them for, some people like different things GET OVER IT.
  11. RylFlsh85

    Venison Marinade

    Thanks, that does sound easy!
  12. RylFlsh85

    DNR Question

    So if you said you switched to sunnies and still had the same jig type or set up can that still count as intent for the CO?
  13. RylFlsh85

    Venison Marinade

    I got some venison steaks from my brother-in-law and was looking for some good marinades for them, and maybe some tips to keep them tender.
  14. RylFlsh85

    Lifetime Fishing License analysis

    metro fisherman You can get your license printed at any gas station that sells them, you don't need to go to an office lifetime or not. I purchased the sportsmans license this year and all you do is show them the card and swipe your drivers license and it prints the license no charge. Or you can do it on-line or over the phone for a $3.50 charge.
  15. RylFlsh85

    What size is a trophy bluegil

    Those are some monster gills for sure! do you happen to have some pics? I got on some gills the other night that were in the 9-9.5" range and i thought those were monsters.