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  1. dmoore, we were up from Oct. 8-17 and did much better at Thompson Creek than Smokehouse. We also used white twister tails on a crappie rig with a white Gulp minnow on the jig at the bottom. Did get a 24" walleye at Smokehouse but most of our crappie were at Thompson Creek and some at Obabikon. Sunday, Oct. 10 the wind was so strong from the south we anchored at Thompson Creek and got about 20 in a couple hours. We did see boats getting crappie at Smokehouse the day before (you were probably one of them), but we've never done that well there.
  2. Me and the wife got 30 eyes in about 90 minutes last week in Miles Bay before we got cold and quit. We've had a few fall trips where we've caught over a hundred in an afternoon. With three guys in the boat I wouldn't been surprised if Hemlock had said they'd caught 150.
  3. Returned last night from a nine day trip to Miles Bay area. Beautiful Indian summer until Wed. and then temps in the 30s and 40s the rest of the week. Weather has turned colder so be prepared. Walleye were biting well in the usual spots but mostly smaller like Eastwind said. Saw Eastwind and his group on Mon. up by North Island and they did a shorelunch that day. Crappie were best for us at Thompson Creek. Almost no other boats out except for hunters the last few days...the open water season is almost over.
  4. I live with fear and danger everyday but sometimes I leave her to go fishing.
  5. Just returned from Miles Bay area last night after being there since Friday, July 30. Sunny, mild weather with temps in mid-70s until Friday night when a cold front went through and high on Sat. was only 62. Eyes were on most mid-lake humps in 18-32'. We caught over 150 over four afternoons but most were in 12-14" range. Did pull a fat 26" out of the ballfield - thanks, Eastwind. Little or no bloom in Miles Bay and points west but it was a little thicker in the water between Morson and Dawson, but didn't seem to affect the fishing. We targeted muskie a couple afternoons and had several follows by fish in the low to mid 40"s but no hooked, although did have a fun figure 8 dance with one mid 40" fish that seemed to last forever. Back in 8 weeks for the fall crappie run and trolling muskies.
  6. Hey Eastwind, I think you'd need a remote border pass to go back and forth between Canadian and US, or vice versa. Benelli Dude, I think I know your cousin and he does know where the muskie are.
  7. Hi Wizard, I make two 10 day trips to an island resort out of Morson every year (usually July and Oct) and would like to make more. Mostly walleye, crappie and muskie in Miles Bay, Obabikon, Little Traverse, and Dawson Island. There's a great group of guys on this forum who fish out of Morson and lots of sharing of info.
  8. A buddy and I successfully launch his boat but he loses his glasses in the process in about 4 feet of water at the launch. He wants to fish around for them so he ties up the boat, undresses to his skivies and wades in where he thinks the glasses might be. Now it's a beautiful Sat. morning in June and there's about 15 boats waiting to launch. Everything comes to a dead stop while my buddy wades around trying to find his glasses with his feet. People are about ready to kill him when he says wait, here they are. He picks something up with his toes and transfers to his hand and sure enough it's a pair of glasses, but not his glasses. This unbelievable coincidence has a calming effect on the crowd and buys him enough time to continue his search, and after another few minutes he finds his own glasses. True story.
  9. I have an Eagle Ultra portable thats about 13 years old. Only thing I've ever done to it is sand the electrodes so the current runs from the 6 volt batteries. It also plays three songs: God Bless America, Anchors Away, and some other song we call the Walleye Jig that makes my dog howl and sing along. Kinda fun when the fishing is slow.
  10. Hurry, go buy a lottery ticket.
  11. Many big muskies are caught in Crow every year. Sabaskong Bay would be another option.
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