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  1. The only open water I have seen on Poinsett is under the bridges. Maybe a total of a football field area of open water and thats it.
  2. Fished Sinai on Friday night with a buddy and his GF. Set up on the drop off to the left of the boat ramp in anywhere from 18 to 24FOW. The ice was still perfect, and boy was it a pain drilling 12 holes through ~30" of ice with a hand auger. We ended up with 7 eyes and missed 2 or 3 more. All fish came on tipups set up on the deeper side. The trick seemed to be to put 2 minnows on the same hook.
  3. The stocked trout pond south of Hyvee has been doing pretty darn well for me. Trout are biting at just about any depth with crappies being taken in the deeper water on the west side of the fishing dock. I have no other personal reports but have heard good things about 81 and thompson right now.
  4. I would also suggest fishing the state park side on thompson. get into some nice pike and walleye as well.
  5. mrfish1991

    hard side or soft side tackle box?

    I've been fishing the cabelas backpack tacklebox for years and I absolutly love it. 4 trays go in the bottom and you can get another 1 or 2 in the top if you need to.
  6. mrfish1991

    AIS sticker location

    When I pick mine up, it will go on the lid of my dry storage.
  7. A couple buddies and I were out at Thompson last night in the state park and we left a few rods behind. I know they were picked up because they were not there when we drove back and looked for them. One was an abu garcia with the tip broken off and the top guide was missing the eyelette. This one had a thill lighted bobber on it with an orange hook. The other rod had a pinnicale reel on it I believe with black fireline and it was not rigged. Please let me know if you picked these up or if you know who did. I'm pretty sure they are students at SDSU.
  8. I have a feeling im done with hard water for the year. This rain today is going to chew up a lot of ice very fast.
  9. If you want to hit it this weekend,send me a PM and I'll show you where we were fishing.
  10. I was also out on Sinai tonight. We fished off to the left of the boat launch. We only had 9" of ice...down from about 14" last week. However the fishing was fantastic.
  11. mrfish1991

    New flasher/camera battery prices?

    I know that my flasher (marcum vx1) came with the 9ah battery and I replaced it this season with the 7ah...they have the same length and with dimensions, not sure about the height.
  12. Rundrave, if you head out, let me know and I'm sure I have a few guys that wouldnt mind heading up that way and meeting up with you if you dont mind a bit of company.
  13. Hopefull this spring I will be able to get out for my first waterfowl hunt ever. The CA on my dorm floor says they fly though here like crazy...
  14. Got out last night and again tonight. Yesterday I fished poinsett with a buddy in the early afternoon. We set up in 17' and fished that for a while. Didn't catch anything there, but did have a big northern circling our baits...but that didn't commit. We packed up and headed to another lake that we got a hot tip on. Got there and set up in 6' and waited. As soon as it was dark got the first eye. That was the only one we ended up putting on the ice, I lost three more right at the hole. Got out tonight with Creepworm and set up again in 6'. Right at dark we pulled the first one in. They were far between for the first bit we were there. Then at about 8pm the dinner switch flipped on and we caught 3 in 10 minutes. That rounded out our two person limit. Great night of fishing and they sure tasted good.
  15. I'm good to go until 2013
  16. Got out again tonight with a buddy from my dorm building. We hit basically the same spot and had great luck again. We brought home 5, but could have easily limited out. Biggest of the night was a 17" eye. Key color was red again, but caught fish on plain hooks under a tip up as well. Setlines and jigging produced about equal numbers of fish. Heres my 17"er Met another FM'er out there who had a permy, I'm sorry but I dont remember who it was. Everyone on the ice seemed to be catching fish. Majority of the people left before the action really heated up.
  17. yup ice was good...13.5" where we fished on poinsett, and I heard reports of 15" out there. The other lake we fished was at about 12.5" Both lakes had atv's and full sized trucks pulling permys driving on them...I dont think I would be that ballsy...but the bottom line is good ice.
  18. Well got out to 81 again today with one of my buddies. He landed three baby walleye and I got skunked again. Two of the fish were caught on tipups, one of the fish didn't even trip the flag. Hopefully going out somewhere else this weekend.
  19. What are the ice conditions looking like around the Brookings area? Specifically the 81 ponds?
  20. mrfish1991

    Lake Thompson

    Went out last night and there were fish all over. Marked them from the second we got there to the second we left. Fish would follow the bait like no ones business but wouldn't hit it. Maybe when we get some sun the bite will flip.
  21. Well got out on the 81 sloughs today and fished for an hour and a half just sitting outside. It was windy and miserable. My buddy and I marked fish all over the place, they would chase baits up 5 feet off the bottom but NONE would hit it. After an hour and a half of frustration and bitter cold we gave up. Maybe a change in weather will get them going this weekend. Ice was a good, clear 12"
  22. mrfish1991

    How to clean a perch in 10 seconds

    I've watched this video a few times in the last couple years and have always wanted to try it, but I just flat out forget when I have some perch. It does look like a good way to clean the smaller "keeper" perch. It also looks like it would be easier to do with a shorter knife...something like a 3" blade with a handle that fits nicely in the hand.
  23. mrfish1991

    Tips ups hmm...

    I don't usually run tip ups because of the species I fish for. But the few tip ups I do have are the good 'ol beaver dam wooden ones, and the only reason I have those is because they were given to me years ago.
  24. mrfish1991

    Fishing high wind etiquette?

    I've been the guy chasing a portable across the ice before, its not fun at all. I always appreciate help and always give help when possible. I've had some of my best karma experiences out on the ice. I've had holes drilled for me by another fisherman because he saw that I was using a hand auger, but on the other hand I've cut holes with my hand auger for people who ran out of gas/dull blades/bum auger ect. If I see someone with a kid out there and they aren't catching anything and I am, I try to help them get on the fish in any way I can.