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  1. Yeah, but I white so don't have that privilege!
  2. Anyone do their tabs on-line? I did mine for the first time exactly a month ago and they still have not come? How long did you have to wait? I got the print out so I'm ok but a month! Going to head over to Orrock MN in the morning to burn out the cob webs. Thanks Martin Luther King.
  3. leech~~

    Trout 2022

    Thanks for catching my fat finger ceil phone auto correct. Do you have any Trout ice fishing reports?
  4. leech~~

    Trout 2022

    Anyone out hitting this weekend? Hope to get out there one if these weekends. The ice on some of the bigger lakes can be sketchy early season.
  5. Screw the environment! I'm keeping my two old strikemasters 8" augers! They always start, pound through any thickness of ice and just wouldn't die. Why replace something that works and is dependable! I love the noise, smoke and-
  6. Yeah, I think the Author explained that. Thank Bob!
  7. So you Bear-ed it along.
  8. Yeah, I call Bull! What coach that wants another job would make an asinine statement like that about a player they managed.
  9. This. New sugar Daddy wanted!
  10. leech~~


    Thought Bama was going to field goal their way to victory for 3 qtrs. Then the Tide hit a "break wall"
  11. leech~~


    Slug fest going on right now and Dave=No Peep?
  12. You mean like "wins", the Super Bowl!
  13. Oh, you two stop being poooopy butts! Give the boy a break he done good!
  14. I think what really kind of succk about todays game is. They had the game won and had 4 downs and time to throw Jefferson 16 yards of passes to break Moss's record and they kneed on it! After the game Zimm said when asked. I don't care about records, only wins!
  15. Talk to smurfy on how to get those little hammer handles. I think he uses a fork on a chopstick?
  16. Probably waiting for that person-to fill the dang feeder now that their back!
  17. You up there now? Have a good weekend and New Years. She's going to get cold stay warm!
  18. Sadly I think it's only a matter of time. To dump that much snow weight on Ice that could have had a few more good inches added before the snow hit. Is going to have some slush work it's way on top once the ice sinks down. The best thing is for you guys run around to pack it all down to freeze up hard, before I go fishing!
  19. I'm game to hit some trails in a week or so, but not sure about lakes yet with that much weight going on the ice. Slush city!
  20. Ok I'm confused. If you're already a GreatLIFE member why would you have to pay $99? Or you're a GreatLIFE member who pays the $99 to join AWAKEN then you have a Great life? May be you could clarify that a bit, because it looks like non-members can just paid $129 to be a Great life member, why become an Awaken member?
  21. Sorry but they have their own format and will not work. You would have to buy one for a bird. Kind of suks.
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