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  1. Same here, saw them two mornings in a row. Ceil pictures suked!
  2. Here it comes. Law abiding folks now have to pay for drive-bys! https://www.wane.com/news/national-world/california-city-approves-1st-us-insurance-law-for-gun-owners/
  3. leech~~

    NFL playoffs.

    May be this will help!
  4. leech~~

    NFL playoffs.

    Looks like no Super Bowl for Brady this year. Wonder if he'll retire after this game?
  5. leech~~

    NFL playoffs.

    Well interesting night of ball for sure. I didn't really care but I thought both games would be the other way around at the end. 49'ers couldn't even catch a ball the first qrt!
  6. leech~~

    NFL playoffs.

    Oh, I thought it was if your team lost!
  7. leech~~

    NFL playoffs.

    Good thing you got the puke bucket close!
  8. Stop trying to keep all these threads on-track!
  9. Finally they came 35 days later! Thanks Biden!!
  10. Do you find the puzzles become easier or harder to solve, the more you play?
  11. Looks like something about the Tide getting picked and paddled by Georgia?
  12. So probably the lake is full of slush? ☹
  13. Yeah I'll take that. Can you taste the Makers Mark yet?
  14. Wow Dave, you're all over the board today. Are you having a free drinking day on MLK?
  15. That was for proof I didn't photoshop the sled pics!
  16. Beautiful day to be in the woods on a sled, on a day off!
  17. Cool, how much snow you got up there now?
  18. I'm going Bear on you for this one! "That's what they want you to believe!"
  19. I can see the prisoners having a hard time getting blanks and stamping metal plates! But, come on this is a dang label machine!!
  20. I usually do go in and get them right away. I thought for once I would take the easy and Covid free method. Guess I'll just chance me life next time!
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