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  1. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Actually I got a new 4 burner Char Grill with side burner this spring for up at the camper and a new cheaper 2 burner with side burner a week ago for at home, so alone with the new Char Grill smoker I got last year I have plenty of wienee cookers thanks.
  2. I bought a motorcycle from a guy a few years back only to find out he never turned the title over in his name when he bought it. If I remember right I had to write to the DMV main office with a copy of the bill of sale before they would share the past owners of the bike. Then it took some detective work but I was able to track down the first owner and get them to write a new bill of sale. Also had an old utility trailer I bought the same way, but for that I just re-registered it as a home made trailer. At least there is Goggle now to look up some names if you can get them. Good Luck.
  3. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    That's some spendy wienees! Traeger Texas Elite 34 in Bronze Wood Pellet Grill ★★★★★ No rating value ★★★★★ Write a review . This action will open a modal dialog. Product #: 0000000257368 | SKU: 100784030 $899.99 Quantity
  4. mikhas24 Welcome to the forum. If you look up about 6 posts Pat K shared the link that should have you covered. Good Luck.
  5. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Nua, just making fun of the big expensive metal can snobs! One of them got excited because I made fun of his new Play-do pellet burner!
  6. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Sure I do Dave. You take a lot of nasty old rotted left over wood from torn down houses or where ever else they scrape it up from? Sweep it up off the floor and turn it into little compressed pellets usually for heating stoves, then Dave makes his food with it!
  7. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Dave's next grill op smoker!
  8. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Boar is that you?
  9. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    You sure seem to say Grill a lot though!
  10. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    So you really wanted a fancy Grill, not a smoker? Smokers do take up a lot more time but I'm having a lot of fun with my Char grill smoker.
  11. leech~~

    Happy Fathers Day!

    To all us dead beat bas-ters that go hunting and fishing and sit on the computer all day! Oh and had sex a few times! Keep up the good work guys! Had to put it here because there is no General thread. Plus no wives will be looking in the Home Improvement thread for us!!!
  12. leech~~

    Caught Some Air

    It looks like you can't read or they put the "No Trespassing" sign on the wrong side! But, that was a 10 jump!
  13. leech~~

    What's more aggravating?

    Of course the one you never laid eyes on. Had a few nice heavy pulling Walleyes and Lakers lost. I think? To me seeing them is kind of like Catch and Release kind of.
  14. Silly Town a little slow Del?
  15. Well suks to be you. Start the shooting!