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  1. Steve ,,, Check your pinecontesa email,,, I sent you the link to our IR trip 

    1. leech~~


      I did great video.  Man it looks like you guy are having a great time up there.  Nice fish.  Looks like the lake was a bit rougher on the way back?  Wish I could get in on a trip like that! :)

      Just heading out of town up to our camper for a nice long needed weekend! 

      Thanks for sending that. 


  2. How ya doing? Have to put another ride together next winter. Everytime it gets over 80 degrees I start thinking about snow. Sure is dead in these websites anymore. Can almost hear an echo when you hit the post button.

    1. leech~~


      Doing well, up at our camper by Nisswa most weekends. Another ride for sure this coming winter and hopefully with all this rain we will get some good snow this year. And yes, the old site seems to be down a lot. Kind of sad really. :(