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  1. leech~~

    Ice off predictions

    I thinking all the Southern lakes that may be open are going to be packed this opener.
  2. leech~~

    Wild play offs

    Game 3 6-2 WIN!
  3. leech~~

    Wild play offs

    Well this is not looking good for the rest of the games.
  4. leech~~

    Thanks For The Advice

    When I buy any used ATV, car or other toy I change all the fluids in it just to be sure I know their all good. Have fun with it.
  5. leech~~

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    Your welcome!
  6. leech~~

    Might get one last ride in

    Funny because if it was the first snow fall of the year. We would all be doing rings around the yard!
  7. leech~~

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    [Please Stop high jacking this thread and having fun] Just Kidd-ing!
  8. leech~~

    Trout Opener

    From what I can see out the window or driving around for fun-cuz I got an SUV. Trout or Turkey openers in this Storm would blow worse then Stormy........
  9. leech~~

    Norway Maple tree damage, need opinions

    If there is a line coming up and down the tree above and below that area it may have been a lightening strike. We have a Maple lake that in our front yard. If you are going to cut it down now may be the best time to get at it.
  10. leech~~

    Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    When you get out shot 40-20 you don't have much of a chance. That needs to change next game.
  11. leech~~

    Cooking Elk

  12. leech~~

    Mossy Oak Gun Skin Application Photos

    Looks great! A little heat with a popsicle stick sometimes works to rub some of those little wrinkles out on the ends of the forearm. But, like you said cutting small relief cuts helps a lot. I think you will be glad over time that you didn't cover the grip. Like you said it will wear over time but the other issue is the adhesive working out and making it all sticky on a warm day in the blind.
  13. leech~~

    Mossy Oak Gun Skin Application Photos

    Watch when heating that you don't over scratch it. Once it cools, over time it may contract and pull away by the edges.
  14. leech~~

    Mossy Oak Gun Skin Application Photos

    I'm thinking it's looking pretty darn nice. Better then I thought with all the large log print. Are you warming it with a heat gun or hair dryer or is it laying down pretty nice without it? Not a biggy but just because there is word print it would have been nice to try and have that up right. I'm sure the Turkeys wouldn't even notice!
  15. leech~~

    Mossy Oak Gun Skin Application Photos

    It will be interesting to see what you came up with. Those are some big solids to work with.
  16. leech~~

    Cooking Elk

    I'll take Elk, Moose and Bison over beef any day. It's all lean meat with not much fat so sear a few minutes per side on a hot grill. Great!
  17. leech~~

    Uncle Elton

    Yeah ok Rocket man, if you like that sort of thing?
  18. leech~~

    Uncle Elton

    Tribute, did he die?
  19. leech~~

    How do you get rid of a mole?

    But, already being used in Silly Town to keep the rodents down!
  20. So, we have had Mole issues for a few years and just can't seem to get rid of them and their already starting to make tunnels around the yard this spring. Tried the poison pellets, smoke bombs, flooding with garden hose and one trap that was useless! Did a Goggle search and found this Tip: How do you get rid of a mole? Try apple cider vinegar. 1. Put a few drops of apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball. 2. Put the cotton ball on the mole and wrap a bandage around it. 3. Leave the bandage on for an hour. 4. Do this every day until the mole disappears. Stop if skin irritation occurs. Seemed like a good idea if I could just catch them first? So went to Fleet Farm yesterday and bought a different kind of heavy spring jaw trap to try and catch them to put the Apple cider vinegar on. Set it up last night and had one in the trap this morning. Wow great caught our first ever Mole!! But, that fricken trap an't going to work either because it just killed the Mole! How are we going to get rid of them if we can't put the Apple cider vinegar on them?
  21. leech~~

    How do you get rid of a mole?

    But it also kills crawlers and I an't killen my free crawlers! I'll trap them.
  22. leech~~

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

  23. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    Looks like someone went to Portillo's
  24. leech~~

    How do you get rid of a mole?

    Just sharing helpful info. Funny thing, this site is getting so predictable I said "Smurfy" will be the first one to reply and walaah! I need to go to the Casino today!