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  1. leech~~

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Auuh, you should be able to cruse there. Sounds like it's in the genes!
  2. leech~~

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    So what is his long life secret? George Burns deal, cigar and shot of brandy a day?
  3. When we hunted SE Minnesota we would hunt pretty much all day because we were so far from home and wanted to make the most of it. We always started the mornings in blinds on low valley field edges, then moved to trails or old roads on the hill tops in the woods during the day. I took two birds on a road around mid day different years. They would strut up and down the roads but never gobble in the middle of the day. My last bird may have been my most exciting hunt ever as I saw him fan out down the road and I crawled about 50 yards to a small rise in the road and sniped him strutting as he reached the top of the rise. He never knew what hit him. FUUUN hunt!
  4. leech~~

    The Strut Stops Here

    Way to go. Looks like a great day to be in the woods!
  5. leech~~

    Which lone wolf hang on stand do you like?

    This is why this site is going away. People give good examples in a discussion and their made fun of!
  6. leech~~

    Which lone wolf hang on stand do you like?

    Lets debris fall through like, Mag lights, releases, gloves, snickers bars etc!! Plus I don't like making a lot of feet movements so I just slid a little at a time to get in better shooting positions and that could be hard with the webbing!
  7. I think ours was $2,000 plus dock spot and power so about $2,300. Not even taxes on a cabin for the year.
  8. leech~~

    Which lone wolf hang on stand do you like?

    I don't have them and one of the reasons I don't. I like to stand a lot and I thought the large holes in the platform may grab or catch lugged sole boots as you moved to position for a shot one way or another. And I didn't need to take a dive and hang by a harness.
  9. Well she may not really care about being on a lake and actually keeping fish then? To each his own.
  10. I guess the Red Door resort built a new campground and my Cuz does the summer winter thing with his Ice Castle which is a pretty big house. They like it but I have not been by yet to see their setup. Are you sure Mamma's going to go for it? Fish House Park To enjoy your fish house during the summer season on Lake Mille Lacs, we offer a beautiful, quiet, wooded area just across from the resort. We have two distinctive parks consisting of 96 and 86 lots with a layout similar to the beauty of a state park with ample room for a deck, shed and parking a vehicle and boat. Both parks have year round heated bathrooms and showers. Electric 20 amp service is included. You also have full use of the resort. For less than renting a monthly storage unit, you can have your summer cabin. BEST LOCATION ON MILLE LACS as we are not only closest to the flats (1 mile), but have over 15 spectacular pan fish lakes within 4-10 miles directly to the north of the resort. Rates $525 per season (May 1 through October 31st) and a $50 fee for AC.
  11. leech~~

    Any Dual Sport riders out there?

    And the bike is ready to ride. Any folks get a new Dual sport this year?
  12. leech~~

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    Should have called a conservation officers and had them come out to see what the best thing to do was?
  13. leech~~

    Got my Birds!

    Ha, made all the Turkey hunters look. Not Turkey hunting this year so spent the day cleaning and organizing the garage and smoking two chickens with cherry and apple wood, marinated overnight in WalkersWood Jamaican jerk. Gooood and with a little heat!
  14. See that HSO listing is way better then hsolist. Bahaha, I knew it would change C/List.
  15. leech~~

    MN Turkey 2018

    Way to go ANYFISH2! sounds like a good day. Well back to cleaning out the garage, switching snowblower for lawn mower. One solace today is I have 2 Jamaican Jerk chickens on the smoke which is nice to smell while working.
  16. leech~~

    MN Turkey 2018

    Please "Live Stream" your hunts for us who didn't go this year!
  17. A few reviews for this lock on their web site. Looks like cutting or drilling. Stainless Steel Trailer Hitch Lock for 2-1/2" Receivers by Master Lock Item # 1469DAT Comments Unfortunately, the hard winter killed my lock. The protective cap fell off and the key slot got so packed full of road salt that the key wouldn't go in. I finally had to cut the lock off. Lesson learned: make sure you keep the plastic cap on! Bob D - 05/02/2014 3903 Comments My lock suffered the same fate but my protective cap stayed on. The key would go in but not turn to unlock. Tried spraying penetrating oil in lock for days and a little heat did not help. Had to drill out lock. The Chicago winters and all the salt destroyed the aluminum lock. -- comment by: John - 01/02/2015
  18. leech~~

    My Boy

    Very productive day all around!
  19. leech~~

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    Ha, that's easy. Move to Florida!
  20. leech~~

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    Well not the most attractive option but when the kids are out playing in the sprinkler you could get a roll of nonslip pool matting to roll out then put in the garage during the fall-winter?
  21. leech~~

    Slippery Concrete Solution

    If you think about this option I would try and look up some reviews. I would worry about it peeling or flaking off over time and having to keep re-coating it a lot. Bonding could be a big issue.
  22. leech~~

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    Must have saw 20 bikes going up 169 yesterday. All Harley's and 2 Goldwing's. It's Time!
  23. leech~~

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Nice bird and picture. Going to get Dad one this year?
  24. leech~~

    Largemouth Bass Mounts

    When doing a Repo it's best to have some good pictures for them to try and copy. Part of the issue is they make a lot of their fish off molds they have made over the years of different size fish. Not sure if they have to make a new mold if the cost will be more? That is why I have never had one done of this 36" inch Laker I caught and released a few years ago. It was really long but thin and all the molds the two company's I talked to had were big bellied Lakers from like Canada that didn't look anything like it. So I just didn't want to spend about $5-6 bills for a fish that didn't look much like the one I caught.