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  1. Welcome to the forum. Got the same motor. I know there is a Tilt lock but never heard of a reverse lock on it? I'm thinking either you may be low of hydraulic fluid or have some wear play somewhere? Bring it up then just start down. Stop and go lift up and down on it to see if there is play?
  2. leech~~

    Ducks in tree cavities

    Cool, but that Goldeneye looks a little stuffed stiff.
  3. Well this has been a tough season so far with this odd weather. Late winter jump into 80+ degrees. It will be interesting to see what these next 4-5 days of 80's to 90's do to them? Did find a few Morel's and some nice small tender Pheasant backs last time out.
  4. Ok, if you don't post back in a few days we know!
  5. Good job! I have never found any Blacks so they look a little different. Can you take a picture of what they look like cut in half? They look a little scary like False Morel's
  6. leech~~

    What size steel shot for pheasant

    Welcome to the Forum. What brand gun is it? Would help to pick choke tubes out. Size 6 shot should do the trick, but I'm sure more folks will chime in here.
  7. leech~~

    Morel Mushrooms

    Try going over to this thread. Rock & Edibles-Agates-Fossils-Artifacts-Mushrooms-Ginseng-Gems-etc. There is some discussion taking place under Morels' 2018 already.
  8. Wow, my spots are way behind this year. Had hoped to find a bunch before this coming long weekend for a big family Walleye and Morel fry but have only found 5 small grays so far. Just not seeing the ground cover growing very much yet and have saw no other types of mushrooms which seem to grow first pop up yet. This is a very late year so far.
  9. leech~~

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    No, shes not but on a paper thin rotted floor your kitty would fall through. I can see why she worried. I didn't because it wasn't on my side!!
  10. leech~~

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    Well I had a little project that we found after buying our camper used. It had a leak in the back corner which 3 other same type campers in our camp ground had in the same spot. I sealed the roof a few years ago but have not had time to tackle the soft floor in that corner. Spent one weekend ripping out to find out what I had and a 3 day weekend repairing it. Had to build boxes as new supports to tie into the good wood past the rotted area. Really glad there were two metal frame supports under that end as I could span them with the new wood. Re-insulated and put new plywood down and it's looks great. Now my wife doesn't have to worry about getting into her side of the bed without going through the floor!
  11. I checked again today. Nothing, but I'm hoping next week to have some fresh ones to deep fry up at the camper next weekend!
  12. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Um, that was called Humor Del.
  13. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Isn't Liquid smoke what they put in eCigs?
  14. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Looks Great! Nice smoke ring.
  15. Checked my spots and nothing yet? I can usually tell by how much ground cover is growing and it looks like a few more days with this warm weather coming. I have a feeling when they pop it's going to be fast and over in a few days once it happens.
  16. leech~~

    Woodstock nests

    Bluebills slow cooked all day in a roaster with potatoes, onions, carrots and few grouse on the side? You boys are a bit snooty!
  17. leech~~

    Woodstock nests

    They are dark meat, but live Divers you got to fix um up!
  18. leech~~

    Northwest slam

    Or Rich, retired and married to the right person. Or all of the above!
  19. I suppose you found them when you were "planting trees" too?
  20. leech~~

    Woodstock nests

    Bet you were looking for Shrooms, how would you ever see that? Handsome birds I love um too!
  21. leech~~

    Fishing Preperation

    May be he is a guy named Maggie or you guys Bot into it! Name: Maggie Location: US Interests: Travelling Gender: Male
  22. I'm thinking we are about 10 days out and I'll start hitting the woods the way things are looking with this warm weather. Good luck!
  23. leech~~

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    Auuh, you should be able to cruse there. Sounds like it's in the genes!
  24. leech~~

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    So what is his long life secret? George Burns deal, cigar and shot of brandy a day?