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  1. sanka

    what rod?

    Gander Mountain Guide Series rods are great for this. Nice 7ft Med-Heavy/Heavy action rods for $40.
  2. http://www.totalcarpmagazine.com/news/item/858-101lb-world-record Heck of a catch
  3. sanka

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    I've been trying for the big flatheads on the Minnesota for TWO YEARS and haven't caught a single one. Then I catch this little guy on the Mississippi. I'm ecstatic.
  4. sanka

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nothing but a little flathead. Interesting though because I caught it in North Mississippi Park a couple miles north of Ford Dam.
  5. sanka

    36" Carp FULL of Eggs - What Weight??

    Really depends on the fish. I got a 36" out of Nokomis last year that went only 18lbs. I got a 38" years ago that went 27. The 27lb one was different though. It wasn't torpedo shaped, it had a big hump above the head and was incredibly thick and broad. Also it was late summer, so no eggs. The age of the fish matters a lot I think.
  6. I uploaded a bunch of fossil finds from around the metro here.
  7. sanka

    Fishing at Night?

    You can find just about any place on the Minnesota River. Usually it's tough to find a decent bank to fish from, but the levels are really low. I'd suggest using bing maps and their bird's eye feature to find a place that is near a road, and hike it in.
  8. Those are ordovician fossils. That specimen has been tumbled by the river though. They are common in the Mississippi river basin. Winona has a lot of great places I'd like to visit to snoop around. There is a Twin Cities PDF about it here. That's not specifically your area, but the geologic structure is the same. You want to look for the Decorah shale. I have heard the Winona area is far better for Trilobites than the Twin Cities. Google up some fossil info in your area, there are several links to follow. Even in the Twin Cities I have found large 1ft x 1ft blocks of solid ordovician fossils.
  9. sanka

    Organized Sinkers

    If you're a homebrewer you can also find liquid malt extract in nice screw top containers like this. I use them for everything.
  10. sanka

    What are some good dip baits to use?

    If they aren't biting on Sonny's they aren't biting at all.
  11. sanka

    What is this?

    I really hope is wasn't a Rudd Minnow.
  12. sanka

    Carry-in crappies

    I'm interested. There are a few carry in lakes I also want to hit, maybe some of the same ones.
  13. sanka


    I doubt they can crossbreed. For one they aren't even in the same genus, and two I have never heard of one.
  14. A part of the bank where I can actually walk and land a fish.
  15. sanka

    RAW vs JPG

    I shoot pretty much only JPG anymore. When I know I'm getting a heck of a shot, something really interesting, I'll use RAW. Like MN Shutterbug said above, I don't even look at 98% of the RAWs I used to take, so I just stopped taking them. Switching to RAW takes all of a few seconds.