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  1. Since the modification post is going strong I have some questions. I have a frabil speed shack and I am looking to make some Mods to it to make my life easier. So what has anyone done to there speed shacks. Thanks, Russ
  2. This morning I got up and watched Mike and Mike on espn. There thoughts are that both division are up in the air for who the front runner is. My money is still on the pat's. They will draft smart and you still have the mastermind running the show. I think the eagles will start imploding because of T.O.. I bleed purple but until they show me consistency I can't say they are super bowl bound. The pack well I would love to see Farve go some where that he has a chance to win a super bowl. To many good players gone so who do you think it is.
  3. Another Method is to use 2 to 4 inch diameter pvc. Take about 8 inches of pipe. Put a cap on one end of the pipe glued on. Put a sheet rock screw thru that end of the cap so you can put your liver at the bottom of the cap. Half way up the pipe drill some small holes in the pipe. The other end of the pipe use a threaded bushing. Then a reducer that is threaded. Put a piece of liver on it and throw it out. Another place to look for leaches is a small creek or river. By a culvert. I have more detailed types of these traps if some one would like.
  4. At least he had the chance. Usually in the past the d-back was getting burned. Yes I know he got burned alot last year. If he is healthy he is a good backup. Remeber 2003 season any ball thrown to him he intercepted. He was healthy. I had a hernia this last summer and they hurt like heck when it ruptured, I would pop it back in. Good to go till it pops out. Usually alot of pain when it ruptures and soreness after the fact. I am shocked a db played thru it.
  5. Okay I have kept quiet about this for two days and cannot anymore. First Russell had two sport herinas last year and played thru both. As I do recall Matt Birk had the same injuries had to get surgery yes he did play good, but does Birk have to run at least two yards on every play. The reason I think Tice was not High on him was this injury happened before the season started Tice wanted him to be a backup have the surgery and pick him up cheap for this year. He hits hard, He has good hands. He had a bad year due to injury keep this guy Sharper is injury prone.
  6. I agree with you fishhead but to a point. Tice, wants to have a great defense and a very good running game. That means you need some hogs up front on both sides. I think DJ will not be on the board. Edwards will not be on the board. If Williams is there he is an option. I would still go with the best defensive player on the board. The only yeah but is if Williams is there. I think Burleson and Taylor will be a very good combination. After that its a dump shoot. Taylor is going to surprise everyone.
  7. Boys, buffalo wants to swap first round pics. For Henry with the Cardinals. Espn is reporting that the Cardinals are willing to give up a second round pic for Henry. That means a forth is out of the question. You can thank Denny the mean Green machine when he is sitting on the Latrine, for pushing Henry's value up.
  8. Okay, boys thats a nice fish but the Saskatchewan record was broken a few weeks ago. Fish weighed in at 18.30 lbs, length was 36.5 inches The girth was 22.5 inches. The article is in the Nipawin Journal.
  9. Like I said this set of calls sounded like a flock of geese. Can't remeber if they where hunting Canadians or not this has been more then 10 yrs ago. I search every hunting shop and magazine I could not find it. Just want to know. [This message has been edited by RussPanfishguy (edited 08-29-2004).]
  10. A few years ago I was watching a hunting tv show. Could not tell you which program. They where hunting in canada. One of the guys was using two canadian goose calls at the same time. The call looked to be a short call maybe 4-5 inches long. It had a white shaped coffee cup type end. He was taking the other call which was the exact same call and putting inside the other call. It sounded like a flock of geese. I was just wondering if anyone has used this call.
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