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  1. I'm going to be spending a week at Gilmore lake this August and just looking for some tips on fishing the lake. Any information would be great. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the help, I switched to marine instead of recreational and it worked. thank you!
  3. Yes, the software is a garmin lakemaster chip. i have the dakota 20. I'm looking at Lake Minnetonka, i would think that would be on their list of lakes.
  4. So are you able to find a lake, zoom in, and see the details? Even when you are not on that lake. i have enabled the lakemaster map and disable the default map. i can tell the lakemaster software is working because i can see a ton of lakes and if i zoom out far enough i can see it is only including minnesota lakes.
  5. I should mention, I'm in my home, not on any lake, just wondering if you need to be on the actual lake to see detail.
  6. Hello, any help would be great. I just received my lakemaster chip and placed it into my garmin gps. Should i be able to zoom into any lake in minnesota and see depths and contours or do i need to be on the lake to see the details? i can see all the lakes, but when i zoom into them i do not see any detail. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for some information about Lake Winter. I'm thinking about renting a cabin there and just want information about the lake. Is it good for kids to swim, ski, tubing, etc. Also, how is the fishing? Any information would be great! Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! This is a great forum! I'll most likely get a Clam command post and will let everyone know how it works for me. Thanks again!
  9. Any suggestions on Clam or Eskimo? Pros and Cons? Anyone have one to sell... ha:)
  10. Does anyone know how much it takes to heat a 6 man version? I have a Mr. Heater/cooker and I'm thinking that wouldn't be enough.
  11. The quick fish 3 and the command post are what i have been considering. Do you if they are easy to move or do you need to collapse them and then reset them up? thanks for all the suggestions.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I would like a flip over style, but i think i may have to go with the suitcase style.
  13. I'm looking to get a portable ice house, but it needs to be small enough to fit in my Highlander SUV and big enough to fit 3 people. Is this possible? Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!
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