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  1. The best thing for winter ATV use is big tires, and drilling 3/4 inch hex screws into them. Use a lot of them! You wouldn't believe the difference this makes when pulling a shelter through snow. You will be very happy when your buddy is wrestling with his stuck quad, and you're already fishing!
  2. The best thing you can do to your ATV for ice fishing, is putting studs in your tires! I just use regular hex heads from the hardware store. You wouldn't believe the difference, especially if you're pulling your shelter through snow.
  3. You must not be taking your Rancher through very deep mud! There are no motor mods that are going to make a Honda 350 turn those 27" where I ride. Buy the Kawi. 700, and put 28" Outlaws on it. I guarantee you will be king of the mud!
  4. Dr. Fish

    New ATV

    What you did on your initial ride, won't hurt your machine at all. Holding the throttle wide open for long periods of time is what you don't want to do. Running the motor throughout the whole rpm range is crucial when breaking it in. ATV's are tough, and capable of taking abuse. I've owned ATV's my whole life, you did nothing wrong. If the oil looks "milky" change it before you ride it again. Have fun! and ride hard!
  5. I've owned an Otter Skin shelter for two seasons now, and think it is hands down the best setup there is. It mounts to the Otter sled, but folds out on both sides. My shelter is 6'x12', but they are available in bigger or smaller models. When packed up, it is the same size as the Otter, but when set up fishes four adults very comfortably. To me, having this much room, and ease of set up , puts all other shelters to shame.
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