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  1. HaveBaitWillFish

    Twins Games

    You do have some very good points about the "top tier" free agents. However, proof being last year the Twins finished in first in their division, and the Yankees didn't even make the playoffs. I say let those teams spend all the money they want. High payrolls don't necessarily mean championships. For example, the last World Series these "high salary" teams won.... Yankees 2003, LA Dodgers 1988, Mets 2000, Angels 2002. When's the last time any of these teams even made it to the World Series? Now let's look at the "small market teams"...Rays 2008, Rockies 2007, Astros 2005,Marlins 2003. What does this prove? To me, it proves that a solid farm system is more important than a big checkbook. I will go to the Metrodome for a couple more games this year to say goodbye and then on to the new ballpark.
  2. HaveBaitWillFish

    Yankees aren't the only big spender this offseason

    Will the dome dogs be changed to the Dickie Dogs in 2010????
  3. HaveBaitWillFish


    That's whats been happening all these years!! Polad doesn't know which spot to place the decimal in!! But he figured it out for punto...8.5 million..lol
  4. HaveBaitWillFish

    How much do you think its worth????

    I collect a lot of baseball autographs...for that ball you would be looking at $25-$50 range. Believe it or not the other autographs make the Santana autograph less valuable. Still would be a good ball to have.
  5. HaveBaitWillFish


    I heard the Twins were gonna offer Teixeira 8-$160, and manny 4- $120....LOL
  6. HaveBaitWillFish

    Gaborik for Kovalchuk?

    That would be a great deal if the Wild can pull it off. Kovalchuk would love to play infront of 18,000 fans instead of 4,000 fans and would be a huge star here.
  7. HaveBaitWillFish

    The birds (images added)

    Very nice pics! I figured out how you get your birds to stay still. You use SCREWS, LOL!
  8. HaveBaitWillFish

    I could live with this lineup....

    Brady Anderson admitted this past year that he used HGH.
  9. HaveBaitWillFish

    Wild Cleared a Roster Spot

    You're forgetting about Brunette, he definitely isn't afraid of going in the corners or behind the net. That's where he makes his living.
  10. HaveBaitWillFish

    Top hockey music

    Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun
  11. HaveBaitWillFish

    In the yard

    I might have grabbed the shotgun instead of the camera and did a lil shootin'! Very nice pics of the rooster!
  12. HaveBaitWillFish

    "friend" of mine is poaching

    Gatorhunter, thank you for all you do, I really appreciate it along with probably everyone else on this site. However, I am going to respectfully disagree with your comment about seldom do people retaliate. I know for a fact, I have a family member in the Judicial system. You will find an alarming number of cases in which it is a "retaliation". A case was recently heard in which a neighbor was charged with aggrevated assault because his neighbor allegedly blew grass clippings into his yard while he was mowing, the neighbor took it upon himself along with a garden rake, and hit the man in the face, tines first. I would be very, very cautious in turning somebody in. Criminals don't think the same way as the rest of society. Just my $.02....Again thank you for everything you do.
  13. HaveBaitWillFish


    I wanna take a poll about the Timberwolves. If you were given tickets to any Timberwolves game would you go? Yes you would have to pay for parking. I would not
  14. HaveBaitWillFish

    I could live with this lineup....

    boni...you don't refer to a player by the most home runs they ever hit. They average it...like you don't hear Bond's being called a 70 homer guy..you'd say 40 hr/guy. Ibanez is a 20 homerun guy, that's his norm. Anyhow...Ibanez is too old for that type of money. What would we be saying when he's batting .260 with 17 hr's and were paying him $10 mill? IF you wanted to look at a DH that could play outfield we should be looking at Pat Burrell, we could get him on the cheap relatively speaking. IF and in my opinion this is who we need to get. Adam Dunn, he's hit 40+ homers 4 or 5 consecutive years. But the problem with him along with Burrell is their low batting averages.
  15. HaveBaitWillFish

    Do you have gas?

    I went through about 2 pair of long johns last year!!! The wife made me through them out. Guess it must have been too much cheese and Hamm's.