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  1. Fishing was awesome in the Algoma area this weekend. Fish were coming from all depths, with 150' being the best for us. Flasher and flys along with spoons and triple threat three fly rigs. Most of the fish were 15-20 lbs (nice ones). Cheffrey, I see you already got the report from Capt. John.
  2. Cheffrey, I will be sure to do that. Another friend was out there last weekend on a charter, and landed 30 with mostly kings in the 10-15lbs range. Six guys on board.
  3. Quote: I have a 25 & a H20 for now. I think when its time to upgrade I may work my way into a Raymarine set up, with auto-pilot, radar, and such. For now I am more than happy though. My Algoma fishing buddy just picked up the Raymarine. We will be trying it out this weekend. I think the model number is C70. It should be fun. I run the H2Oc year around, for now.
  4. That sounds like a good deal to me. I think landscaping places would charge closer to $50/yd plus delivery
  5. Boilerguy, is thisthe answer you were looking for? "It's cool. He said take any rug in the house." The Big Lebowski
  6. My girlfriend scratched one last night. Didn't win anything.
  7. no specific order except for 1. Tool (outstanding, gives so many different sounds) Alice in Chains Neil Young Sublime Jimmy Buffet makes some great cocktail drinking vacation music. Takes you to the beach with a lot of songs.
  8. As stated earlier, it is fairly dry so the morning dew might not be an issue. But, it is nice to have a pair of good pants. So I say buy some. Good luck and have fun. I will be out there the 10/29 and also 11/13. Good thing the gas prices went down a little, it's a long drive. I would say the worst drive I have ever taken.
  9. 311Hemi, What area will you be hunting? I've hunted the Elgin area for about 6 years. Fairly easy walking and some great hunting. The weather is different every year. Sometimes you don't want to even put your boots on it's so warm, other times you can wake up to 10 inches of fresh snow. And this is around the end of Oct.
  10. The dam has been great to us in the past, before they started doing the construction. Not to say fishing wasn't good this year, because it was. Not as many big fish as in years past.
  11. How's everyones hunt going? How did the young birds survive the snow fall? I'm heading west of Bismark in two weeks. Thanks
  12. FishinFix

    Sturgen ?

    WalleyeJon, No the fish was not caught in MN. Matt, The monster was a blast. It took about 45 min. to land, but we were lucky to get a net on her. She wasn't quite ready. Once she got in the net all H-E-L-L broke loose. The net brakes, water flying every where. I looked like Lance on the Mississippi, that's how wet I got. Well, almost that wet. Anyways, back to the fight. This fish was staying down, staying down. Finally she decided to show herself to us. From 22 ft down, she started making way towards the surface. I'm reeling in slack as fast as I can. In about 2 seconds the water erupts (sp), completly coming out of the water for not one but two explosions. Her head was whipping back and forth violently, it was nuts. Only to disappear back to the depths again. Once back down on the bottom, the rolling starts. Anyone who has tangled with a sturgeon knows if your line is going to brake, this is when it will happen. The fish ends up getting my line wrap around her pectoral (sp) fin and wasn't nearly as mobile. So now I'm trying to horse her in. Once up toward the boat, she made a few last desperate attempts to escape. But ended up in the net instead. "AWESOME" is what I said. That's my story. I will post pics soon. I have them develope, but need to get them scanned. [This message has been edited by FishinFix (edited 09-28-2004).]
  13. FishinFix

    Sturgen ?

    I use a #2 hook with a 3/4 oz bell sinker. 3 nightcrawlers hooked head first, then hooked by the tail. Some guys will put minnows along with the crawlers as well. I landed my largest fish this weekend. It went 70 1/2 inches. Est. weight of 120 lbs. I will post pics as soon as their are developed. I still have a smile on my face.
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