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  1. We planted our property lines in spruce trees and juneberry shrubs this past spring. They were planted with a weed barrier. I was considering mowing the area on each side of the weed barrier this fall to eliminate the snow fence effect of the weeds. I was told that I should consider leaving the weeds to protect the trees from winter burn. Your thoughts?? Thank you.
  2. I currently have some acreage that is leased to a farmer and is in it's first year of alfalfa with winter wheat cover crop. (Winter wheat has been harvested.) He is farming approximately 25 acres split into two fields 17 and 8 acres respectively, separated by a 20 yard drive through the woods. My immediate area is void of row crops, with mostly alfalfa and wheat. My question is in regards to the 8 acre section. I would like to put in two acres of row crops, either beans or corn, depending on what the farmer is planting on his other acreage any given year. This 8 is surrounded by woods. Should the row crops be planted on the edge or down the center of the field? Thank you.
  3. Looking for recommendations on which caliber for deer/coyote. No plans on shooting over 200yards or putting a thousand rounds through it. Looking to spend $500ish, with scope. New or used. Any manufacturer recommendations appreciated too. Thanks!
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    ION ????

    I like mine as well. As long as you understand it's limitations. I was out this weekend hole hopping with the wheeler. It cut 25-30 holes in 20" of ice over 4 or 5 hours then died. Temp was about 25 degrees and the battery was left in the elements. My normal outings, fihing out of a shack and cutting a dozen holes its perfect for.
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    Seems we can't catch a break this year. First the ice is still covering half the state and now they are forecasting 30+mph nw winds for Saturday! Be careful out there......
  6. Thank you! Only hesitation is the cold battery issue. How cold is cold? At what temps do you see an issue? It will be strapped to the wheeler, but if its 15-20 degrees or lower I usually have the porty in tow.
  7. Need a new auger and am considering the ion. For those that had a chance to use em this winter, what did you think?
  8. My old aluminum v-hull, duck boat sprung a leak last fall and I want to try to fix it this spring. I believe it is along the rib/rivots. Anyone have any luck with sealing these back up? How did you do it? Any luck with a sealant or like rubber roofing material? Thanks for your input.
  9. Won't start. Won't even fire. I have spark and gas in the cylinder. It's like the emergency clip on the handle has been pulled. Is there a way to check that the emergency clip is functioning as it should? Any other ideas?
  10. On board charger is not charging one of my trolling motor batteries, and I am not getting power to my trolling motors. I have cleaned up the connections with no effect. I have never liked the connections from the 50amp breaker on the positive side of the battery and am thinking of replacing. Has to be bad connection, right? Even if battery was bad, the charger would show it charging right? Thanks
  11. I have an older 15hp Mariner. I have been told it is a Yamaha.I am having a hard time finding parts. I am looking for a throttle cable. This is the push/pull type. The part number on it is 82668M. Any ideas if there is an alternate still in production. Any other thoughts. The lead stopper has broken off in the handle so I would think it could be re-threaded and welded?? Please help!! I have spent a lot of time on the web trying to track down the part. It is a great little motor and would be a waste to junk it because of this. Thanks for any help.
  12. 1982 mariner w throttle problem. On land and not running throttle cable opens fine but will not close. In barrel throttle works as it should. On the water throttle works as it should 80% of the time. Other 20% throttle will not open all the way. Is this a linkage issue or are the cables shot? Would lubricating the cables help? Not a motor guy at all so thanks for any ideas.
  13. I don't have one any longer but did have 1785 with a 75hp mercury from 97-2001. Very nice boat, with lots of room and great ride. I have never fished out of a Tuffy. I am still in a YarCraft, but went to a wheel boat. I'd call YarCraft and have them check thier dealer inventory. Saves you alot of time.
  14. Looking for a LOTW's chip for older black and white Lowrance H2O. Can't find any retailers that have the old chips. Anyone come across them in their travels? Can't find a phone number for Lakemaster either. Thanks for any help.
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