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  1. If you all want to put this to rest, look at the Tony Dean site under the recent photos button at the bottom. It has the whole story and pictures.
  2. I got mine sharpened at Dakota Angler in Sioux Falls last year. The guy that does the blades bought a special stone just for the Strikemaster blades and it did a great job.
  3. I also fished Thompson on Sunday from 8:00am-11:00am. Marked one fish that did not bite. Went over to Whitewood. About 100 vehicles out. Caught 2 10" perch right away and then they shut down. Marked many but they did not go. Left at 2:00pm.
  4. We were at the refuge. We used a Genz worm with a wax worm. I also used a Rattle Spoon with a minnow head. On Sunday, the perch seemed to prefer the smaller offering but the walleyes hit the spoon.
  5. Fished on Waubay on 12/19. My brother and I caught about 40 perch. Most were between 10"-13". Also caught 4 walleyes that were 13 1/2"-16". Ice was about 6" thick. Fished from 9am-1pm.
  6. Fished Thompson on Monday. Caught 7 walleyes from 13"-18" pulling plugs. Wasted some time trying to find perch using slip bobbers. Got into some smallmouth bass in 7' of water and could have caught 25 or more. I quit after 10 in about 15 minutes. Should have kept to the plugs. Talked to two guys at the fish cleaning station who had a bucket full of perch. Otherwise everyone else mostly struck out that I talked to.
  7. I fished Thompson last Sunday in the heavy wind. Pulled plugs from 9:00-11:30am, then drifted spinners/plain hook with minnows/crawlers. Caught 2 walleyes that were barely big enought to get the hook in their mouth. Fished perch from 2:30-5:00pm and caught 6 all over 11" with the biggest at 13 1/2". If anyone has done anything on walleyes on Thompson/Henry late this week, please post a report or send an email to [email protected] Drake Mohr
  8. Did anyone fish Lake Thompson on Saturday, April 17th? I fished from 7:30am-2:30pm and caught 1 walleye and 1 northern. We tried almost everything. Casted jig/minnow and cranks shallow, vertical jigged jig/minnow in 8-15 feet, ran lindy rigs and floaters, and pulled plugs. Nothing seemed to work. If you fished Thompson and caught fish, what did you use that worked? According to my graph, the surface water temp was 50 degrees so I am sure the walleyes are very close to the spawn. Drake Mohr
  9. I too was fishing the west side of Waubay on Superbowl Sunday. I would say there is at least 2 feet. I estimated at 2 1/2 feet thick. By the time I broke through with a hole, all the fins on the auger were in the ice.
  10. Last year, we fished the last weekend in March. Launched out of the city camp ground in Chamberlain. We had to dodge floating ice chunks about 100 yards across and had to move ice chunks that blew into the boat ramp but for the most part, river was open. At that time, there were about 50 boats out so it was probably sooner. I think below Big Bend dam, it opens sooner.
  11. I fished Pelican Lake near Watertown yesterday. Ice was 6"-8" thick. Had no problem walking out and using a hand auger. Caught 1 perch, 1 walleye and 1 white bass. Drilled about 100 holes and ice was same thickness all over. There were about 10 other people out and I saw one guy driving a quad.
  12. They ran leadcore on the North end between the supper club and the silo. Used jointed shap raps and taildancers in perch and firetiger. They caught a 5 1/2, 3 and a 15". We were doing the same thing only with wally divers. They caught there fish by 11:00 and nothing after. My brother and his partner caught 1 fish that was 2 1/2 on spinner and crawler on the first point by the cabins. We were in an older silver Alumacraft.
  13. How did you do in the tourney? We bombed out. Caught many 13-13 1/2" fish and a few snakes. We were fishing close to the team that won it, doing the same thing they were. I guess it just wasn't our day.
  14. Yes, I am entered but I don't know if I will have my boat back from repair. I talked to Mac's bait last weekend and he told me there were 18 entries at that time.
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