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  1. I'm in I hope I do better than last year! Good Luck to all Tadpole
  2. Isn't that the name of a Jimmy Buffett Song??? What is the Hokey Pokey all about???
  3. my real name is Tad so all my life I have been called Tadpole.
  4. Well the season is over, we lost 36-28. 3 touchdowns in 30 seconds to start off the game. Too bad 2 of them were their's. Well back to dreaming of fishing and the weight room. Tad
  5. I was wondering if you have started playoffs yet. How do the playoffs work in MN. We begin tonight. For those of you I have spoken too during the regular season. We finished 6-3 running the old Wing-T. Averaged 29.6 points per game. We lost our first 3 games and won out the last 6. We play away tonight, North of Lafayette, IN, aganist a good passing team. We have stuggled this year in our secondary, so it should be interesting. Good luck to all the high school players on here and I will post how we do. Tad
  6. When I originally posted I wanted to know if they did recruit. I cannot say 100% that they recruit here in Indiana. They put together great programs year in and out. If we make it out of our first game in sectionals we will more than likely face off against the #5 team in Indiana and they are a powerhouse. Private school though. Every year we have at least to classes won by private schools. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing academically for my own son but he wanted to go to school with all his friends. Thanks Tad
  7. riverrat, Did not mean to get you in a uproar. Just curious? My oldest son went to a private elementary school in Indy and during a basketball game he was approached by a football coach from one of the high schools. He was wanted to know why my son wasn't playing CYO football. Well I have custody now and he is enrolled in a public school. Grew up a little too! 6'2" 270 and just turned 14. I guess he is one that got away. I will agree that they work hard at the private schools and without the funding. We have public schools here with stadiums and weight rooms that rival D-1 programs it's nuts. Good Luck to your program. Tad
  8. Well I'm off to do film for next week #13 3A Danville. It is our homecoming so I hope the boys are ready this week. Friday Night we blew up conference rival Crawfordsville 42 to 12. Not bad for a wing-t school. Tad
  9. Purdue is not a private college, it is a state college. North of Indianapolis about 70 miles. Big agriculture school. Go FARM BOYS! TAD
  10. I coach for Lebanon High School. It is North of Indianapolis off I-65. Penn has a great program, seem to be struggling a little this year. The school I coach for is 4A, enrollment 780, 9-12. Currently we are #2 in confrence. 3-1 (Lost to my old high school) Our confrence does not have any other 4A schools but has quite a few ranked 3A and 2A schools. Our sectional has the #5, #9, and #15 schools in the state in it, 2 are private schools, hence the post. If we can make it out of our sectional we will be doing great. I let everyone know how we do tonight. We have slowly returned a bunch of starters (injured) in the last couple of weeks and we look really good. The line has also improved on their assignments. Should be interesting! Our sectional draw is Monday Night. The #5, 9, 15 are Zionsville, Chathedral and Roncolli. Thanks Tad
  11. We run it non-stop, if blocked correctly it is nearly impossible to stop. Warren Central in Indianapolis #14 in the Nation is where our head coaches brother coaches and they cannot be stopped. His father coaches at a 1-A school North of Indy and is currently #1 in 1A. 6 State Titles to go along with it. I played at a high school which like to air it out also. They are currently #1 in 2A and Undefeated returning State Champs. I am beginning to enjoy the wing more as our blocking improves but I think that if you get down early it is hard to try and comeback, since you do not practice throwing the ball much. I also feel it is important to try and build you offense around your athelete's. Thanks for all the replies Tad Last week Us Them 64 20
  12. My family and my wife's family have places up north and I was going up a couple of weeks a year. I decided to try and find out info on the areas we visited by searching on the internet. Well I found MN and the next thing you know I buy a place in Hackensack! Tad [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 09-30-2004).]
  13. tadpole


    Also cut myself many a time. Never a fish! Tad
  14. I coach high school football in Indiana. I was wondering how many high schools in Minnesota run the Wing-T? What are some of the other offenses you guys see alot. I have also noticed quite a few private high schools mentioned in the form. Do they doninate the classes every year like here in Indiana? We call it recruitung!?!?!? THey call it good coaching. Tad
  15. I live in Indiana and fish the Walbash, Ohio, and White Rivers for Big Cats and I tell you there is nothing better for bait for big Flatheads than the biggest bluegill you can find (ALIVE & KICKING) Tad
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